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Alvaston, Derby-7th November 2009

Location of Sighting: Alvaston, Derby
Date of Sighting: 07 November 2009
Time: 19:40
Witness Name: MC

Witness Statement: Three red/orange fireball looking lights in the sky, slowly rising and all heading in a north direction.
Around 5 mins later another 3 went by in the same direction.
No stars blocked around the lights so whatever they were it must of been smaller than 6 feet wide.
No noise and saw the exact same thing around a month ago heading south/west through Allenton.
Can rule out lantins as seen them many times before at parties.

Some sort of UAV taking photo’s?
Hope its British and not some other country snooping around, but saying the goverment hasnt said anything to the masive increase in activity lately maybe ours?????


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Updated: November 8, 2009 — 6:36 pm


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  1. Isaw the same thing 8th nov 1.36am over langley mill, massive orange light , watched it for 3 mins, then it just went without trace. wasnt a plane or any other aircraft. i have read that at certain times, you can see the space centre in space , from light of the sun , could this be what vast amount of people are seeing?

  2. In response to James’s comment above, we saw 2 balls of light which seemed to be on fire over langley mill (upper dunstead road area) on saturday eve while doing our bonfire. the first happened at roughly 8.30pm, followed by a second at 15 minutes later. they did appear to be orange and just looked “on fire”. they followed a straight path, came from the direction of ilkeston, heading off to the rough direction of ripley. they had no noise whatsoever and couldnt have been a plane as we see plenty of those go over from east midlands airport and look totally different to what we saw. they didnt “blow about” at all like chinese lanterns (some of my friends said it could be these), they seemed to just kind of burn out after a while.

    my partner and i are totally sceptical of ufo’s and stuff and dont really know what to believe. but, we know what we saw. we have both said maybe they couldve been meteors maybe????


  3. Emma

    husband & I saw on Saturday 7th November somewhere between 20.00 – 20.30(I think)one lone orange ball rise and then turn nothwards. Travelled very steadily with no noise or flashing lights as normal aircraft would have.

    Later in evening he saw another travelling in same direction but came from different direction.

  4. Hi We saw 3 orange lights in above Stafford travelling south changed from line to triangle about 9 O’clock ,not chinese lanterns {will try some lanterns new year to compare would like to know how far away they are visible will let you know if i try}and I don’t agree with space station comment due to it not being visible for that entire week .space station easily identified use following for tracking satelittes

  5. sammy and justin from hilton, derby. We saw the same thing.never seen a ufo before but had a very strange experience that night. Just about to eat our tea and saw a very strange orange light in the sky going round in a circular movement at around 8PM until 9pm. Couldn’t explain it and nothing like an aeroplane at all, no idea!

  6. 25/12/09 5pm other half came back from the shop and said look out the window, so i did and i saw an orange ball shaped light in the sky, it definitely wasn’t a plane as it wasnt flashing or moving. In the 0.10 seconds it took for me to go outside it had gone. Very strange.

  7. Hi Guys
    Anyone out there see any more orange glows in the sky? Husband went outside Saturday evening around 22.00 (17th April) and saw one travelling from Alvaston towards Elvaston Castle.

  8. I was watching a ufo programme with my daughter tonight and mentioned to her id seen something back in the day around 2009. I was a Security gaurd at Moorways For over 8 year in Allenton. Will never forget it has always been believer, I used to stand outside in the carpark due to cars being broken into, It was a clear sky and i saw 7 small bright balls each one spaced exactly the same distance from each other in a perfect line stretching from above sinfin through markeaton that way if you get me, roughly 700 feet high They stayed perfectly still for what seemed like ages then they all lit up and shot so fast across the horizon. I swear, so i thought tonight id check if other folk had seen and i found this story. Hopefully my daughter will believe me now bless her. But she only ten so she got plenty of time to see something herself yet. Fingers crossed.

  9. Hi David.

    What you saw is nothing like the Chinese lanterns described in the original post.

    Just saying

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