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Braunstone Gate, Leicester-20th February 2010

Location of Sighting: Braunstone Gate, Leicester
Date of Sighting: 20th February 2010
Time: 11.55pm
Witness Name: M Lewin

Witness Statement: Whilst out celebrating my birthday four of us walked along Braunstone Gate to get our taxi, we saw two doorman staring up into the sky and then others looked up. We followed suit and saw approx 300-400 yrds away quite high, a single orange glowing object travelling quite fast in a straight line making no sound at all. This was quickly followed by two more next to each other and then three more in a triangle formation all travelling at the same speed. Certainly not an aircraft of as no red/green flashing lights just a constant orange glow. Everyone watched in amazement. I have read about lanterns but these were moving too fast and in constant formation. I live out towards Desford and have witnessed the same objects whilst driving near caterpillar last summer but didn’t really know what to make of them. It was weird but convinced it must be some form of aircraft but now I am not so sure. It was totally dark being in the countryside with no light pollution. It was a clear night and they moved side to side and very fast and disappeared. I hadn’t thought about it since but after last night and reading peoples comments on various websites I would love to know what they are.


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  1. I too saw the same thing on Braunstone Avenue. About 50 flew over my house over a period of around 3 hours. I left the house to observe them with a spotting scope and Infra-red camera. I too was informed that they are Chinese lanterns observed that they seemed to fly in formation and very quickly. I managed to grab some infra-red film footage of them. They stay on-screen long after visible contact was lost. To me this is indicative of a strong heat source but to be able to see a small lantern candle from so far away seems unlikely to me. I have since been given 2 Chinese lanterns which I will fly and film in the same manner for direct comparison to judge their speed and the duration of their heat signal as they pass into the distance. I will post my findings here.

  2. Definitely just Chinese Lanterns. I filmed with an infra-red camera and they look and behave in exactly the same manner as the reported UFO’s. Mystery solved.

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