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Bright Slow Moving Object – Bakewell-22nd July 2017

Location of Sighting: Bakewell
Date of Sighting: 22nd July 2017
Time: 11.18 pm
Witness Name:Cory Smith
Witness Statement: Bakewell has ufo’s for sure. Sunday 23rd July 2017 I was stargazing with my wife and 2 children on a clear night in an unlit area. The view of the stars was stunning. We saw various airplanes fly over and a few shooting stars. Then to my right I noticed what looked like a normal star moving very slowly and it dimmed and disappeared. This could have just been a plane so I ignored it. Approximately 40 min later I saw it again to my left. This time it was heading in our direction over my left side. At first it looked just like a star moving slowly but then I noticed it was fading out then reappearing and it was not travelling in a straight line as a plane would. It was wobbling from side to side in a patterned motion not just blowing around.It made no sound and it was a calm night , and as I watched it reappear it became very bright, far brighter than anything we have ever seen in the sky apart from the sun. It remained at full brightness even after it was behind us and it became out of sight as it went behind trees that were behind us. It was in our view for 2-3 minutes. My wife was definitely frightened by what we witnessed. I have no idea what it was. I could guess it was a quite small car sized object flying at approximatly 2000 feet. But really have no idea. It was like no aircraft I have ever seen.


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Updated: July 26, 2017 — 8:19 am


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  1. You are aware of satellites which behave in the way you mention ?..accept for they travel in straight lines.

  2. At which point did Cory say it travelled in astraight line?

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