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Burghfield, Berkshire-13th May 2012

Location of Sighting: Burghfield, Berkshire
Date of Sighting: 13th May 2012
Time: 21:44
Witness Name: Jenny

Witness Statement: The sky was really blue, strange for the time of night, and I could only see one bright star, in the SW. Thought I would take a picture – the first two pictures just showed the star, but the next three were strange. The first one had two perfect ciruclar disc shapes, with various markings, in the second and third they had moved and were less distinct. These were not visible to the naked eye. Inexplicable – wonder if anyone else has anything similar at this time.


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Updated: May 15, 2012 — 9:15 pm


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  1. Please post pics, sounds interesting…..

  2. Hi Jenny, is it possable tp post your pics you took of this object here plase?

  3. Could you download the pics please.

  4. Hi Jenny, sounds like it might be lens flare but it would be
    nice to see the pic’s if possible. Could you see the object
    in the sky or was it only on the photo.

  5. There is a phenomenon referred to as Orbs, which appear in lots of photos, which can be attributed to lens flare or, can be caused by the lens picking up drops of moisture, or particles of dust, in the air close to the camera lens. Sounds like this might be what you’ve picked up.

  6. Hi Jennt i live in Mortimer and i saw something similar and also bright white light in the sky at around 10 pm . people also saw this light in calcot, theale, pangbourne and tilehurst.

  7. I saw a ufo July 2000 at 6am burghfield village hall it was round and dark grey I had someone in car who saw it aswel

  8. I saw a circular disc shaped object hoovering above burghfield village hall Berkshire, at about 6.15am July 2000, it was light and was very big .I with my wife sat in car for 5minutes watching it for a while til I had to take her to work

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