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Category: Cheshire

Bright Silver Object-Daylight-Disley, Cheshire-2nd July 2017

Location of Sighting: Disley, Cheshire Date of Sighting: 2.7.17 Time: 3.30pm Witness Name: Simon Robinson Witness Statement:A bright silver object, with what looked like 4 orbs all attached as one object, drifting at approx four thousand feet if not higher, looked online at weather balloons and it doesn’t look like any of these. Source:? Comment […]

Morphing White Ring-Middlewich-25th June 2017

Location of Sighting: Middlewich Date of Sighting: 25/06/2017 Time: 21.30 Witness Name: Ryan Walsh Witness Statement: Seen a strange object in the sky that was shaped like a white ring for a couple of seconds then it shrank/morphed into a ball before flying behind the clouds. I live under a flight path for manchester and […]

Grappenhall Warrington. Cheshire-2003

Location of Sighting: Grappenhall Warrington. Cheshire. Date of Sighting: 2003 Time: Afternoon Witness Name: Kevin stones Witness Statement: I was stood at my flat door.And saw across the road just above the houses. A silent moving object. That looked no more than thirty foot long. With a triangle end to it. When it moved across […]

Congleton, Cheshire-15th June 2016

Location of Sighting: Congleton, Cheshire Date of Sighting: 15/06/2015 Time: 11.59 Witness Name: Alessandro Rabar Witness Statement: We were out walking the dog before bed, as we did most nights – and as we got to where Alexandria Way and Viking Way meet, right next to the leisure center – we saw what appeared to […]