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Category: Glamorgan

Swansea-2nd January 2017

Location of Sighting: Swansea, United Kingdom Date of Sighting: 02/01/2017 Time: 17:30 Witness Name: John Ceciliato Witness Statement: I was walking with my dog at Swansea Marina the weather was unusually clear so much so because only small crescent of the Moon was visible but the light reflecting of the Moon plus nearby Venus made […]

Porthcawl -1st May 2016

Location of Sighting: Porthcawl Date of Sighting: 01/05/2016 Time: 02:30 Witness Name: Rob Morgan Witness Statement: Looking up at the stars i noticed one star (as i thought) was moving slightly, then disappeared. Then a light shot across the sky making an S shape, very quickly and disappeared Source:¬† Comment : If you can provide […]

Cardiff South Wales-September 2012

Location of Sighting: Cardiff South Wales Date of Sighting: September 2012 Time: 19:55 Witness Name: Steven Witness Statement:I have waited a long time to share my experience as i didn’t know who to tell.I was waiting at a bus stop for my regular bus on the outskirts of Cardiff. As I looked up the lane […]

Maerdy, South Wales-late 80’s

Location of Sighting: Maerdy, South Wales Date of Sighting: late 80’s Time: approx 9pm Witness Name: Paul Hemming Witness Statement: Its taken me years to talk about this. I was in the car with my parents and sister travelling home from my grandparents. We travelled up from Ferndale to head over the mountain back to […]

Pontypridd, South Wales-23rd November 2013

Location of Sighting: Pontypridd, South Wales Date of Sighting: 23.11.2013 Time: 6-7pm Witness Name: Sarah Witness Statement:I was in my back garden having a cigarette when I began looking at the black sky. I glanced to the left and instantly a ball of light came into view, slowly ascending. At first I thought it was […]

Mountain Ash, South Wales-5th August 2013

Location of Sighting: Mountain Ash, South Wales Date of Sighting: 05/08/3013 Time: 22:20 Witness Name: Eddie Swales Witness Statement:I was sat watching T.V. in my living room when my wife seen something through the window, I looked and could see an aeroplane and behind it looked like a bright star, it was circular in shape […]