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Category: Tyne and Wear

Jarrow-19th September 2016

Location of Sighting: Jarrow Date of Sighting: 17.9.16 Time: 7pm Witness Name: Clive Atkinson Witness Statement: Multiple orbs in the sky. Shimmering in a circular fashion, upon closer inspection from my window I could see spotlight from Newcastle stadium area but then for the past 3 days discs of light moving in a disorderly fashion. […]

Sunderland-3rd November 2014

Location of Sighting: Sunderland Date of Sighting: 3-11-14 Time: 7:02pm Witness Name: Daniel Thompson Witness Statement: I was walking my dog along hendon beach at low tide and to my right (East,South East) I saw a red pulse of light fly across the sky horizontal to the sea then another immediately after. There was nothing […]