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Category: West Midlands

Large Triangular Object-Oxley Wolverhampton-1988

Location of Sighting: Wolverhampton Oxley area Date of Sighting: December 1988 Time: 6pm Witness Name: Charnjit Singh ,Richard Fardoe Witness Statement:After heading home from college myself and Richard are walking along Winchester rd close to his home. It’s a clear dry evening the sky is pitch black and the stars are out. What we notice […]

5 Elongated Domes-Birmingham-15th March 2017

Location of Sighting: Birmingham Date of Sighting: 15.3.2017 Time: 0630 hrs Witness Name: Mick Walker Witness Statement: Driving on M42 from jct 2 to 3. Clear conditions but mist ahead . 0630 hrs. Ahead there was a point in the sky where mist met clear sky. Sitting along the line of mist were 5 seperate […]

Birmingham, Great Barr-8th August 2016

Location of Sighting: Birmingham, Great Barr Date of Sighting: 8/8/16 Time: 22:30 Witness Name: Taj Sian Witness Statement: I saw a large triangular shaped UFO with flashing lights speeding across the sky very fast. It was not an aeroplane and it was completely silent. Did anyone else see it? Source:? Comment : If you can […]