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Daylight Sighting – Large Metallic Disc -Grove, Oxfordshire-May 2017

Location of Sighting: Grove, Oxfordshire
Date of Sighting:May 2017
Time: 18:30
Witness Name: David McPhail
Witness Statement: Extremely large classic UFO sighting in daylight. I spotted this when driving near Grove Oxfordshire looking north towards Hanney, in broad daylight but on a blustery cloudy evening. In a clearing in the cloud was a classic UFO of approx 500 m across! It was partly obscured by the cloud (which helped with the size determination). It was tilted over at approx 15 degrees and completely stationary. Later I found the location was likely to be over the large solar farm near Hanney. The disc was metallic with a height to the edge, alternate black and grey panels. No lights visible. A car had stopped and was filming on an iPad. This was an astonishing sighting and to my surprise nothing was ever reported on the news.

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Updated: October 9, 2017 — 9:03 am


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  1. It would be good to know what happened next David.

  2. Hi Alan, nothing happened next I’m sad to say. I went home (half a mile), told my wife (she didn’t believe me) and we made some dinner. Days later I searched local papers and web sites for news, but nothing. What else can you do? I’d like to find the chap that was out of his filming it on his iPad. I expect many encounter the same situation when you witness something amazing but no-one believes you.

  3. If the guy with the iPad was to put his picture online, and it was fuzzy people would explain it away. If it was as clear as you describe, everyone would say it’s photoshopped. You can’t win.
    ps give my regards to Grove. I lived there 17 years ago, and miss the area.

  4. What I meant was David did it disappear, melt into the cloud, cloak, fade to grey, zoom off at wharp speed?

  5. “zoom off at wharp speed…”

    With respect, if you want to be taken seriously – and you have every right to – why refer to such as this, which is entirely fictional? Also, the poster has said nothing happened; why feed leading suggestions? It serves no purpose at all. (BTW, cloaking is fictional, too; so was the Philadelphia Experiment).

  6. Hi Steve,

    With the greatest of respect, Alan, to my mind is, is asking David a valid and reasonable question as to how the ‘object’ left the area.

    Though you are happy to put forward the ‘Earthly Hypothesis’
    theory, there are a vast number of reports from early UFO books
    were object/lights/craft have blinked out, faded to nothing &
    Instant acceleration, 90 degree turns, hanging imobile without any associated noise.

    Of course if you don’t possess an enquiring mind, all the above
    and anything else relating to this phenomenon is pure tosh and
    as John said it’s a ‘no win situation.

    BTW. How do you ‘know’ the Philadelpfia Experiment wasn’t real!
    was you on the poop deck at the time ;-).

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