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Eastleigh, Hampshire

9 December 2017
Time: 23:20
Witness Name: Adam W
Witness Statement: Cloudy sky, no stars. Walking home, saw what looked like a bright bluish-white star above the rooftops towards the NW. After a couple of seconds it zipped off to the left, fading out as it went. Weird. No alcohol involved 🙂

Updated: February 3, 2018 — 9:10 pm


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  1. A brief update: over the Xmas period I went to see the new Star Wars film. (Spoiler alert!) The last scene where there’s a kid looking up to the sky and one of the stars zips off to the right (obviously a vessel entering hyperspace) – seriously, that’s EXACTLY how this thing moved. Except to the left. Freaked me out at the time.

  2. Why would indulgence in alcohol have anyone seeing or imagining ufos??. In all my years of over indulgence I have only ever seen ufo sightings stone cold SOBER. Its alcohol, not angel dust.

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