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Frankley, Birmingham-17th December 2009

Location of Sighting: Frankley, Birmingham
Date of Sighting: 17/12/2009
Time: aprox 1800hrs
Witness Name: S

Witness Statement: A friend of mine saw three red lights in the shape of a triangle at a low altitude and travelling very slowly. A plane was flying above and was easily recognised as an aeroplane. I said i would have a look on my computer to find out if anything had been reported about three red lights making the shape of a huge triangle and i came across a sighting that had taken place in weoley castle (13/12/2009) which is only about 2 miles from where my friend has seen them! My friend tried to take a photo only couldnt get to her phone before the lights vanished


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Updated: December 18, 2009 — 9:19 pm


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  1. Hi S,

    I have commented on the other sighting, which I assume is the same thing you saw, perhaps you could check there and see if you can help with some of the questions?

    The main one I have is, was the object one large triangle or 3 separate lights?

    – Robert

  2. In the 80’s i was around 8yrs old and Lived on frankley beeches road where me and my mum in broad daylight saw a small silver disk with a silver half ball on top floating near a tree next to the old flats taunton tower. This object hovered for a few minutes and litterally disapeared in to nowhere. I remember it from this day and my mum will also confirm this. It was there floating like hovering steady then just gone in the blink of an eye towards bartley green reservoir direction and out of sight within milliseconds. To this day i recall it like it was yesterday and so does my mum who also witnessed it. This wasnt covered in lights or beems or anything just a smooth silver round object with the noticeable half ball on top in silver.

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