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Jarrow-19th September 2016

Location of Sighting: Jarrow
Date of Sighting: 17.9.16
Time: 7pm
Witness Name: Clive Atkinson

Witness Statement: Multiple orbs in the sky. Shimmering in a circular fashion, upon closer inspection from my window I could see spotlight from Newcastle stadium area but then for the past 3 days discs of light moving in a disorderly fashion. Tried to investigate if anything was on in the area but nothing on.


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Updated: September 22, 2016 — 8:35 pm


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  1. I saw this today in East Boldon

  2. Were the discs of light not from the spot lights in Newcastle? I watch these as the light hits the clouds. I’m Only a mile from you. But on the 17th we watched a long silver line standing on end over Jarrow looking from Leam Lane. This was high up. Only just visible on a photo. It looked like an orb before it did a line. It was also recorded on vid by two police officer from Corcert on another day. The one we watched stayed on the flight path for 10 minutes. There have been a few UFO’s in the area. More than usual that turn up, over the last few years there have been more objects than lights are turning up.

  3. Clive there are spotlights in the centre of Newcastle which move in such an erratic fashion and when observed from below look like discs in and around the clouds. The Council have said it’s to “welcome International Students!”

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