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Kearsley, Bolton,Lancashire-Summer 1988

Location of Sighting: Kearsley, Bolton,Lancashire
Date of Sighting: Summer.1988
Time: 7pm
Witness Name: Ken. Thompson

Witness Statement: I was driving up hill when I noticed a large shape in the sky coming toward me downhill. I stopped my car and got out to look. It was only about 100 or so feet above ground and absolutley silent. A man on a push bike stopped and asked me what I thought it was, as it was a mettelic grey with some perimeter lights and oval shape. It went over our heads very slowly and progressed downhill for nearly 5minitus before I. Lost sight of it..
I went home and drew what I saw on my kids chalkboard, I called the police and a bobby came to my house and took a statement and a drawing. He said he would be filing out reports for the rest of the week on this. I waited a couple of years but heard nothing, so I called in the police station and asked what was happening, but hey had no record of me calling or the bobby coming to my house.


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  1. Ken, should should reported the sighting to your local paper, and radio.NEVER report any sighting to the police. They do do take reports seriously, and are encouraged to lose any reports, and conveniently forget any logs pertaining to UFO,s. such reports are seen as either hoaxes, or people who are delusional. Sad, but true. Your experience was very interesting to read, thank you.

  2. Can you be more precise about the size of the object? Also, were there any other sightings or press reports? It seems likely it would have been seen by many other people.

  3. I’m interested you waited two years? Sounds like a description of a blimp to me.

  4. I find it strange that you did not chase the sighting for a couple of years after speaking to the police – who I think at that time, were required to report it to the MOD. Especially as it appears the low flying rule had been infringed. Of course it could have been a blimp?

    Secondly, I would think you would have used a better medium than your children’s chalkboard to record the sighting.

    Perhaps the Police UFO site – PRUFOS – might help you.

  5. Can I ask please is this hill in a rural or urban area ? If rural, I’m guessing there would have been no witnesses .Why did you not think to follow the craft in your car ? Given you were able to observe it for 5 minutes, it must have been moving slowly. Did it scare you? You come across as quite unperturbed by the whole experience. Don’t know that I would have been as calm under the circumstances. Pity you didn’t follow it up with the police earlier.Maybe only you reported it and a follow up would be a waste of police resources ? 25 years after the event, this is certainly one that got away.

  6. Gabby, I don’t agree. If an aircraft is infringing the flying rules you can report it to the police and they must investigate it – there is also the CAA desk and the RAF have specific contacts numbers on each base you can report low flying objects to. I have put this information on this site before about this.

    Yes we have delusional people and that has to be take in account. The many hoaxes don’t help either.

    Have you seen the PRUFOS site?

  7. Well…you know I will always be commenting whenever someone mentions an oval, dark coloured object with circular lights, flying slow and low and totally silently above. Simply because it’s the same circumstances as my sighting.

    I am not blaming you for doing anything, personally I haven’t reported mine anywhere except here and another website. I should have perhaps, and also, perhaps at the time people would think of the police as a first port of call in these situations.

    This report is VERY interesting to me and I would like to know more, although I understand it’s been a long time ago and perhaps you wouldn’t remember the details. Any idea of the size for example? How many lights roughly? where they flashing, or fixed, what colours? Did the object appear to be rather flat ? Or was it high as well ? I know it’s a long time but I’m trying… We hear a lot about white flashes of light, balls, triangular shaped objects etc but whenever I get a perfect match with what I saw I can only LONG for more details. Please, if you can and remember, could you give more details? Thanks

  8. Hi,
    I was picking my kids up from dancing so I couldn’t follow the craft downhill.
    The road is semi rural and was very quiet that night. I was bothered enough to call the police so I must have been affected by this sighting. Over the years I have told nearly every one I have met about this
    Incident as I take it very seriousley.
    I know it was not a blimp this was a controlled craft.
    Thank you all for your interest, I feel relieved that you don’t think I am a delusion isn’t.

  9. Hi Ken,

    What hill was this? How fast were you going? How fast do you estimate the object was going?

    Thanks, Warren

  10. The hill is called Stoneclough road and I was near the top approaching the lights so I was probably going 20 ish mph. The craft was coming towards me from the top road direction very slowly..I stopped and got out of my car. I saw a car come down the hill towards me but he must not of noticed it. A man on a bike behind me stopped and spoke to me. I can remember thinking the craft was long, oval and quite flat. It was a dark grey colour and only as a few coloured ( lights) around the perimeter. I remember it took about a minute to pass over my head at about 100 feet in the air. It then continued downhill over the Rolls Royce repairers in the direction of the old Kearsley Power Station. I never heard a noise from this craft but it wasn’t a glider or anything more like something from Star Wars or similar
    Program’s. I didn’t imagine this, why would I still look for answers after all these years.
    The lights didn’t flash or anything they were just like coloured discs on the outer edge.

  11. There’s far to much lacking in this episode,sure’ly more substance would be ingrained in to your mind that you could relate to us readers,the sheer volume of such a craft would create a draft of air i presume,any warmth from heat source felt,christ your standing there seeing this craft passing 100ft above your head, thats my own imagination at work, since no mention of size, other than long,oval and flat.Iam finding it difficult to believe you,its just a tad straight out movie syndrome,wheres the sentiment, the sensation of such an event,i dont feel a sequel will solve this for more either,but please feel free to try,i have not completely dismissed this remarkable ,spectacular encounter i would die for.

  12. This is a little bit reminiscent of Peter Wells’ sighting on his canalboat

    22 years later but eerily similar in characteristics of flight, if not so much in shape.

    I believe you, Ken. Don’t think it was extraterrestrial however. Maybe drones have been around for much longer than we realise? Could have been a product of Warton, but why either of these objects would be flying so conspicuously in a public place, will forever remain a mystery.

    Wonder what would have happened if you’d had an airgun with you and took a pop at it? That would surely have been a risk “they” were taking in that area? Really got the cogs whirring this one.

    Thanks for taking the time to post this.

  13. ken you will no when you see a real alien space ship they are so spectacular your left with no doubt his is my sighting Kearsley, Bolton-7th March 2011
    Apr.04, 2011 in Greater Manchester

    Location of Sighting: Kearsley, Bolton
    Date of Sighting: 7th Mmarch 2011
    Time: 10.05pm
    Witness Name: geoff critchley

    Witness Statement: saw a flash of light illuminate the tree tops about a quarter of a mile away then a perfect shaped round white orb with what seemed like a force field round it jumped i think from the ground to a height of 3 or 4 electricity pylons and stopped very quick as though between a magnet then it moved about the same distance across the sky but it must have jumped there cos i did not see it move and again stopped as though between a magnet then it started to sort of warp upwards leaving quarter circles over lapping each other then whoosh at unbelievable speed vanished , i am one hundred percent sure that this was from outer space because i saw this very very clear plus i did not believe in stuff like this just shows how very wrong one can be , it feels good to have no shadow of doubt about what i saw that night

  14. Sorry if my encounter disappoints you Graham. I didn’t set out that evening to look for UFOs I just went to pick the kids up.. I was moved enought to call the police and do a drawing for them.
    I didn’t feel any heat or a draught so yes I can’t explain very well what i saw, but it was there.
    I will still search for answers, whether you believe me or not is irrelevant.

  15. To Geoff two posts up: That sounds exactly like the behaviour of ball lightning.

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