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Kennington Oxford-27th December 2013

Location of Sighting: Kennington Oxford
Date of Sighting: Friday 27 December 2013
Time: 18.10 p.m.
Witness Name: Carole Newbigging

Witness Statement:I was in my back garden, gazing up at the stars. There was slight cloud to my left and to my right, but mainly clear skies, and it was still dusk, not entirely dark. From my left I caught sight of 3 boomerang shaped objects, one behind the other, silently moving from left to right. They were roughly the size of a laptop – but I could not judge how high they were. Each of them were orange/peachey coloured on the base. The sighting lasted no more than 10 seconds. I have no idea what these were, but I do know what I saw. I am a 61 year old charity worker, level headed and with good eye-sight.

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  1. I’m surprised it wasn’t totally dark by ten past six. Is there a park or open space in the direction you saw the objects? I wonder if they were kites.

  2. Kites? Are you serious?? 🙂

  3. Hi – thanks for your report. I have seen boomerang shaped craft on a number of occasions.

    This for me is a ‘class’ of sightings and I am always interested to hear about them. In general this class of objects present as a dark outline with lights on the underside. They are usually symmetrical, arc-shaped, lit below, black in outline, silent, fast, and seem to appear and disappear from view i.e. the sighting does not always begin or end at the horizon or in cloud.

    The best sighting I had was of such an object in a V configuration but with one ‘wing’ much longer than the other. I saw a similar object presenting as two parallel lines. I also saw 4 ‘boomerang’ objects flying line-abreast with one making swift side-to-side movements.

    Research online reveals many such reported sightings across the world over many years and some with many witnesses. They are strange, beautiful and uncanny. I have no idea what they are. I have no clear idea of their actual size or mass.

    It is most annoying to see these things when you are on your own as these objects do not generally hang around for photographs. However there is video footage out there. I still mention them to friends and family who humour me on this.

    I do spend time sky watching and I am convinced such sightings as yours are easy to repeat if you put in the hours. I am also convinced that most ‘habitual debunkers’ do not spend large amounts of time looking at the sky and learning about its various phenomena.

    It is a big and amazing universe and our grasp of it as a species is partial and lacks any external corroboration. The scientists are now telling us that about 95% (the precise figure varies) of the actual content of the universe is unknown to us and exists in the form of dark matter and dark energy. So there is still room for interesting things to happen that do not yield to immediate and simple explanation.

    Keep your eyes peeled, your mind open, and learn everything you can.

    Best of luck.


  4. My dad saw the same at 9:11 3 objects, and the end two crossing over constantly until they were out of sight as though they were playing. They were too high to see the shape of them. He drew the direction of their flight on a google map sheet, they were too fast to be a plane and obviously on space. What could they be? Who could we tell? Are UFO’s more than a told story? Could they be from another planet? We’re would they get the materials from to make a UFO? Please comment if you agree. I am 11

  5. Orange/peachy sounds like Chinese lanterns to me. Why does being a 61 year old charity worker with good eyesight make you a reliable witness, please?

  6. Believer - aka Reality - Not away yet

    Are your serious MarkMyName?

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