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Large Black Disc-Heckmondwike-Early 2000s

Location of Sighting: Heckmondwike
Date of Sighting: Early 2000s
Time: 9-10pm
Witness Name: Richard Slocombe
Witness Statement: I had just arrived at home after being out with family. I was around 11 at the time. We were walking down the drive way to the house when I looked up and so a black disc it was pretty large in size. It had white lights on the underneath going in a circle and in the middle was a red little. It mad no noise but I do recall hearing a hum. My mum and dad were with me and the time but when I told them to look the drunkenly shrugged me off. The disc moved over the houses close by and was gone. Like I said I was 11 at the time. I was not drunk or anything. And I swear by what I saw that night.


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Updated: April 1, 2017 — 9:14 pm

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