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Large Black Triangular Craft-Outskirts of Stratford upon Avon-2012

Location of Sighting: Outskirts of Stratford upon Avon
Date of Sighting: 5 years ago
Time: 9pm ish
Witness Name: Mark M
Witness Statement: Driving out on a main route back to Birmingham when I took a right to claverdon which has a nice ale house on the way through but a 5 min detour to get to, coming up a sharp hill to this day I still think about it a massive triangle low flying craft flew directly above me in my car with lots of white and red little lights below it , I know it was triangle as it was that low , I had to have a double take as it just glided by so quietly without warning , I carried on driving n had to stop at top of hill on right side to look back towards Stratford but seemed in slow motion to pull up about 300 hundred yards at top of hill , it was out of sight and coudn’t fathom what I saw , I just know it was black and massive in size triangle and had lots of little white and red lights underneath , amazing low and fast ,that’s a honest sighting and to this day think it was a USA built craft and don’t know why I feel that !.


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  1. A B2 heading for Fairford, perhaps?

  2. Thanks Steve but if a b2 was about 300 to 500 foot in size of say possible and about just guessing about 20 to 50 lights all flashing underneath and no sound , I really don’t know .

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