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Large Black Triangular Craft-Outskirts of Stratford upon Avon-2012

Location of Sighting: Outskirts of Stratford upon Avon
Date of Sighting: 5 years ago
Time: 9pm ish
Witness Name: Mark M
Witness Statement: Driving out on a main route back to Birmingham when I took a right to claverdon which has a nice ale house on the way through but a 5 min detour to get to, coming up a sharp hill to this day I still think about it a massive triangle low flying craft flew directly above me in my car with lots of white and red little lights below it , I know it was triangle as it was that low , I had to have a double take as it just glided by so quietly without warning , I carried on driving n had to stop at top of hill on right side to look back towards Stratford but seemed in slow motion to pull up about 300 hundred yards at top of hill , it was out of sight and coudn’t fathom what I saw , I just know it was black and massive in size triangle and had lots of little white and red lights underneath , amazing low and fast ,that’s a honest sighting and to this day think it was a USA built craft and don’t know why I feel that !.


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Updated: July 17, 2017 — 8:20 am


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  1. A B2 heading for Fairford, perhaps?

  2. Thanks Steve but if a b2 was about 300 to 500 foot in size of say possible and about just guessing about 20 to 50 lights all flashing underneath and no sound , I really don’t know .

  3. Hi Mark, Great sighting!.

    I’m interested in your comment:

    ‘but seemed in slow motion to pull up about 300 hundred yards at top of hill’.

    Would you be kind enough to expand on the feeling you experienced
    in that moment!.



    Hi Steve,

    Given what Mark said in his original post, I was wondering how you concluded it was a B2?.

  4. Chris

    I didn’t conclude anything; I suggested such as B2s are large, triangular, black, and fly in that area. To not suggest such would be to leave a possible option unexplored. Can you actively ‘conclude’ it was something else? If not, surely that possibility remains? I’m intrigued, also, as to why want to know the viewers feeling as he saw the craft?

  5. Hi Steve,

    With the greatest respect a B2 cannot be described as triangular
    in shape unlike (say) a Vulcan bomber. Moreover, even if it had been a B2, there is no mention from Mark about any noise being emitted from the craft, only that ‘it glided by so quietly’ displaying somewhere between 30 to 50 red & white lights on it’s
    underside that a B2 is devoid of!.

    Regarding your comment:

    ‘To not suggest such would be to leave a possible option unexplored’.

    It’s fine by me to put suggestions forward, but this sighting couldn’t be attributed to a B2 given Mark’s description!.

  6. Yes I did not see a b2 , this thing was so low and huge as I said with lots of lights underneath and very bright , I carried on driving up the hill but I didn’t believe at first what I saw so I pulled over as soon as was safe to on the top of the hill to the right as to look back to where it was going but seemed to take a she just to drive a few hundred yards to look back on it .

  7. This sounds SO similar to what I saw last night!!! Apart from I am not certain the one I saw had coloured lights, but yes the one I saw had a cluster of tiny white, dim lights about 50 of them ball park! Completely silent, flew by slow and low. Also not sure if any correlation, but I live near U.S military bases, Lakenheath & Mildenhall but I don’t believe humans are capeable of creating such craft, unless they collab with extraterrestrial??

  8. Hi Kristen , I know what I saw and it went by pretty low and fast as driving ,I pulled up as soon as I could at a safe place at the top of a hill about a minute later but had disappeared , it was massive and lots of lights underneath , you’res i just read and glad yourS
    R sighting had lots of lights as well because of reading sightings of just 3 big light s before

  9. Krysten Glad You Saw The Same , Instead Of 3 Light ones That Are Often Reported

  10. I live in East Midlands. Been looking into the triangles for years after seeing one. Definitely a US craft imo. Personally I believe it’s a craft used for surveillance, I think it’s been around for a long time, funny because I haven’t seen many reports since 2016 maybe before. There were loads around 2010 in the area.
    I Saw one which was an isosceles triangle with red, circular lights under each tip. One white light in the middle of the belly, no flashes on the light. I know you guys probably have your own opinions but what humans have created is unreal. I think it’s US TECH

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