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Looe, Cornwall-7th January 2009

Location of Sighting: Looe, Cornwall
Date of Sighting: 7th January 2009
Time: 12.00am
Witness: Joff Bramhall

Witness Statement : was walking home about midnight looking at the stars when I noticed a small orange light in the sky,at first I thought it was a shooying star but it was moving far to slow and was the wrong colour,then I thought it was a plain but it looked to high in the sky and there was no flashing not saying it was a flying saucer but I cannot explain what it was.My mum said that on local radio people had phoned in claiming they saw it also.I hope I see it again so I can hopefully come to some conclusion

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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Updated: January 19, 2009 — 6:21 pm


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  1. Whilst going to work in plymouth early one morning in feb just above a treeline and infact nearly directly over a friends house near st germans,i saw a very bright orange light hovering.I was driving between trerulefoot and tideford and can’t understand what it could have been,i know the wood there very well and i don’t think it was tractors lights in the field because of the height and intensity of the light.I thought it could have been a helicopter hovering but when i questioned my friend about hearing anything he said no he didn’t.I’m not shure if it was moving because i was moving in my car.I had a clear view of it for about 15 seconds before i drove out of view andI’ve never seen anything like it there again since,all tho i look every morning to try to work out what it was. very strange and not the first thing strange i’ve seen or heard in this area as well as what i’ve heard over people say about se cornwall

  2. On the 14th February 2009 i was fishing at Pentire beach, Newquay when a orange/red light travelled high in the sky slowly from Newquay out to sea and stopped above me, then another took the same route and stopped beside the other one which stayed above me. They then travelled off together out to the horizon with no sound???????????????

  3. I was on the quayside in East Looe about 9.30pm 0n 6 October 2011. I saw 2 seperate yellow lights in the sky. They were elongated and quite high up. moving slowly. One went into the clouds, followed by the other. Definitely not any type of aircraft. The night was clear with a small amount of cloud, both the moon and stars were visible. Wish I’d taken a picture.

  4. I have only
    Moved to Looe and I over look the harbour high up I’ve noticed for the past two weeks a bright star like object in the sky I’ve used bincoculers and it changes shape an colours from orange blue and red to bright white I’ve seen similar before in Scotland but they moved around more and changed shape this in Looe bay has after looking at it it then tends to
    disappear like the light has gone out but then appears again I’ve been watching it me and my partner last two weeks it’s only out on a clear night hope someone else has whitnessed this 1-3-2017

  5. stargazer, your name should give you a clue; I reckon you’re looking at a star. They can appear to change colour – and even move – due to light refraction, hence ‘twinkle twinkle…’. The fact you only see it on a clear night convinces me further.

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