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Low Flying Object-A40 Near RAF Northolt-20th January 2017

Location of Sighting: A40 just before polish war memorial
Date of Sighting: 20th January 2017 & other times
Time:0100 am and other times just before and within 3 hours, so 4am.
Witness Name:Jamie T
Witness Statement: I finished a night shift in londn and was driven back to my car with the engineer. I got in my car and went to drive home. On the strip of the A40 parallel to RAF Northolt I heard a sonic boom type of sound above my car and quickly got my phone out (yes, whilst driving) and took a photo of something lit up in the sky flying at a slow-ish speed, I’m not sure if it was one aircraft or three but it definitely wasn’t made by us on earth. The photo shows it’s movements too. I can meet and talk more about it if you like. Could maybe show you it too.

File is too large apparently, I have the photo if you want to see it.


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Updated: September 19, 2017 — 9:12 am


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  1. “but it definitely wasn’t made by us on earth…”

    What makes you think this? Can you describe it from your photo’s? Also, your quoted time says you saw it more than once, but you don’t mention this? Was it the same object?

  2. I have seen two disc shaped objects here before but from the other side of the base. I think I reported it here years back. There has been a number of sightings very close to RAF Northolt.

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