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Luminescent Light-Northampton-3rd June 2017

Location of Sighting:Northampton
Date of Sighting:3rd June 2017
Witness Name:Nick
Witness Statement:Standing having a cigarette at a golf course, in pitch blackness, watching the moon and obvious aircraft on an established flight path. The sky was 90% clear with the odd low lying whispy cloud crossing the moon. Stars and planets very visible. I suddenly caught sight of very piercing bright, luminescent light crossing the sky in a very straight line. It left no trail. It’s speed was consistent as was its altitude. Not moving at any great speed if I’m honest but not ‘floating’ either. It’ didn’t twinkle and it was bright white. It’s luminescence didn’t change at all in relation to its position like a reflection would. The kicker, however, was when it transitioned the cloud that was crossing the moon. I was expecting it to disappear or fade as it passed behind a cloud, but it didn’t, ruling out a satellite. Then, as it continued away from me, it simply faded to a dark orange glow and vanished. There were at least 2 aircraft in the same vicinity at that time and they couldn’t have looked more different to the object I saw. It travelled far too far across the sky for it to have been a drone. Too low for a satellite and too bright and white for a Chinese lantern. Of course I was alone. Of course my phone wasn’t in my pocket. Of course nobody believed me. So, I carry it alone. My first UFO. A new believer.


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Updated: July 12, 2017 — 8:33 am


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  1. Yes, now you know Nick.

  2. Just realised from the date I saw the very same thing on the same night in Scotland. See under `Slow moving pulsating white light Shrewsbury – 7thmay.’ Our description are the same, bright white, constant speed, straight line.

  3. Now he knows what, Alan? He saw a light in sky. Aircraft have lights.

  4. Something I hope you never experience Steve.

  5. Alan, for the record, the reason I frequent this site – and others – is due to some odd experiences I had some years ago, involving just this phenomenon; strange lights in the sky. It always baffles me that people automatically assume that, because I look for the rational explanation, I am a ‘non-believer; or have not experienced seeing a UFO. My own sightings occurred when I was in my late teens/early 20’s, which is now some thirty-plus years ago. I still cannot explain what I saw – being familiar as I was and am with military aircraft, having grown up next to Avro Woodford, a development base. However, despite in my younger days being avidly convinced that we were being visited by craft from ‘other worlds’, I soon came to the conclusion (the natural one, surely) that any craft flying in our atmosphere, displaying lights, are far more likely to originate here than light years away. There are thousands of aircraft, of many different types, flying in our airspace all the time. Everybody cannot be expected to identify every single one. A couple of further points fuel my stance: first, if aliens from far, far away come here and don;t want to be seen, why do they display lights? or do they want to be seen? Why, also, do many sightings involve alien craft with, conveniently, red and green navigation lights, as our aircraft do? Why, after let’s say 70 years of UFO fanaticism, begun by the legendary Arnold sighting in 1947, are there no proven genuine photos other than very blurred and hardly definitive ones (and Chris will probably reply with comments about the Adamski pics, but knows my thoughts on them)? It doesn’t make sense. The upshot is I come here to read accounts of people’s sightings- most are genuine, while a few are clearly fictional – in the hope that one, just one, will prove truly inexplicable. So far, I’ve read mainly of lights in the sky and unidentifiable aircraft; it’snot proof for me.

  6. So how do you explain away lights that are able to hover even in a fresh wind and make no noise or move with incredible speed. Quite clearly not chinese lanterns, balloons, drones bla bla but you have a habit of telling people what they have seen which if was me would be most annoying. Some will have been these objects but some are definately not. How do some react to peoples actions or thoughts? It seems to me the extra-terrestrial takes the piss. They have lights in view and a `you can look but you can`t touch’ attitude. Not even our most state of the art aircraft can match up – since 1947. We can only agree over Adamski photos – old light shades I reckon.

  7. I can’t explain those things Alan, but to assume they are extra-terrestrial is taking an extreme view. I’m happy to agree there’s stuff out there that is inexplicable; I simply think it is home grown.

  8. Hi Steve,

    With regards your comment:

    ‘also, do many sightings involve alien craft with, conveniently, red and green navigation lights, as our aircraft do? Why’.

    You will no doubt remember our past conversations relating to
    the late Elsie Oakenshaw where she passed under a ‘Smooth Dumbbell shaped’ object that hung immobile object whilst driving home on the A5 way back in 1978 at around 5.15pm.

    Elsie commented at the time that this object was silent & was
    ‘so smooth, almost plasticy looking’ & the object emitted a green light on one end, and a red light on the other, Elsie said these two lights were ‘brilliant’ in there intensity!.

    I don’t think I’m being unrealistic to say that the Red & Green lights of an aircraft are brilliant to look at, even if you was
    looking at an aircraft up close.

    One other thing that Elsie mentioned in the interview was that
    other traffic didn’t appear to notice this object, bearing in mind this is tea time on what must be a busy road (she, as you know had stopped her car to view this object).She also encountered ‘lights in a semi circle around her car’ & had a loss
    of time of 15 minutes.

    There’s more to this story than I can be bothered to type out
    but you can find it here for anyone interested:

  9. Chris, I do recall our conversations about one of the oddest sightings I ( and no doubt you) have read, but it doesn’t answer my question. Aircraft (from Earth) are legally required to carry red and green nav lights; as far as I’m aware, those from interstellar space are not. So why is it ( more often than not) those colours that are reported? Why not others? Don’t you find that odd?

  10. I have just read a great many reports on this site and i am saddened to see its inhabited by the resident buffoon who assumes he can explain away almost every sighting on here.
    steve thinks he has the answers even though he was not there to witness the objects that elicited the sightings report.
    Does steve think he is more intelligent than everybody else?
    Do people need or enjoy steves delicious unsolicited nuggets of ufo goodness?
    My question is -is this a ufo reporting website or the “steve knows best platform” ?
    its obvious steve is using more than one email address and user name to pretend the points he makes have some validity when they obviously do not.
    I don’t believe steve has ever seen a ufo like he claims because if he did he wouldn’t patronize and preach the way he does.
    I have noticed 99.99% of posters dont reply to steve anyway which is of no surprise.
    Steve you should get a life or find another bridge to hide under.

    I implore the moderator or website owner to ban to ban steve because he brings nothing positive to the table lol.

  11. Hi Tracey

    I use one email address and identity on here, and I can give it to you if you wish. I’m sure the moderater will confirm, if I ask , that I’m a genuine contributer without multiple identities. I would hope that my regular sparring Partner, Chris would be willing to do the same as, while we often disagree we do our best to respect each other’s opinIon. I don’t claim to know all: I do offer explanations I think may be valid. Of course I may be wrong. As you are, in asserting its ‘clear’ I have numerous identities.

  12. Hi Steve,

    With regards to your comment, So why is it (more often than not) those colours that are reported?.

    That’s like saying most air disasters are the result of ‘pilot error’!. The colours Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Mauve, Pink, & White have all been observed, & of course when someone reports a Green/Red light sighting, no one is asking the obvious question that where the Green/Red configured the same as an aircraft’s Red/Green lights?, no, It’s just assumed that if those colours are observed, then it ‘automatically’ an erroneously identified aircraft.

    I’ve no doubt that you have read reports of people who observed a
    ‘blinding white light’ and when observing an ‘unknown’ object, it was impossible for the observer to look at the object, and it begs the question that if ‘they’ are here, surely ‘they’
    wouldn’t still be using bulbs ;-).

  13. I watched Typhoons night flying at Coningsby a couple of nights ago. They carry very, very bright lights that are indeed ‘blInding’ and difficult to look at. I would venture the vast majority of unidentified sightings are erroneously identified aircraft. Sorry to be a buffoon, but it’s far more logical than them being of alien origin. This also explains why it’s more often than not the standard navigation light colours are reported. Incidentally have you ever seen a night flying fighter with the luminescent panels they sometimes use for close formation? Neither had I until recently; if I hadn’t known what it was I would have thought it very odd, and may well have reported it on here! The tankers carry them, too.

  14. “I would venture the vast majority of unidentified sightings are erroneously identified aircraft”.

    As you have stated previously. You are open to Aliens possibly existing somewhere in this universe, but you are not of the opinion that they visit this planet. So, would it be unfair of me to say that your mind is closed to the idea of Aliens visiting (for whatever reason) this planet, and, as such, would attempt to distill all these sightings being reported by normal everyday individuals doing the most mundane of things, that catch a fleeting glimpse of something ‘unusual’ in the sky as ‘erroneously identified aircraft’.

    I’ll take your word that Typhoons have ‘very, very bright lights’, but, I think it’s important to say that nowhere in any of the postings (past & present) is there any mention of any sound emanating from these objects/lights, something that any jet aircraft is incapable of doing!. (unless of course one ‘trots out’ the old ‘temperature inversion’ chesnut)!!.

    The other problem I have with the Typhoon ‘analogy’ is that though they may well have ‘very, very bright lights’. the brightness is only apparent (effective) when the aircraft is coming to you head on. Posters who’ve seen bright lights in the sky (case in point) Dee & son Bridgend 1st Oct ’17) don’t say that the lights became less bright then faded out and then heard the sound of a jet engine.

    “This also explains why it’s more often than not the standard navigation light colours are reported”. That’s simply not true!. Please be good enough to show me an example where you can prove your point!. (Not including Elsie Oakenshaw ;-)).

  15. No my mind is not closed to the idea of aliens having visited this planet, I can simply find no evidence of it having happened. I’m sure it would make the papers if it did. Read reports on here and tell me how many feature red and blue lights. It’s quite a few, yes?

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