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Meir and Meir Heath Stoke-on-Trent-12th June 2010

Location of Sighting: Meir and Meir Heath Stoke-on-trent
Date of Sighting: Saturday 12th June 2010
Time: 12.20 am
Witness Name: Steve Ball

Witness Statement: I was in my back garden when i looked out over the A50 towards Meir. Coming Northbound towards us was an orange mass. It stopped just above the A50, with no sound at all. It seemed to hover there for a couple of minutes. By this time i had shouted my wife out to look as well. It had then changed to a triangle shape. We both watched it move away very slowly Eastbound Then all of a sudden it shot off at an amazing speed, still with no sound. We were both amazed. It was my first sighting since the 1970s. So i was well pleased….


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Updated: June 26, 2010 — 2:18 pm


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  1. I am pleased to report back folks. That since meeting friends recently, one of my female friends also saw this sighting right over the top of the Meir area on the same night. The shape by then looked to be an orange mass again, moving very fast over the top of the estates against what slight breeze there was. It then disappeared eastbound….

  2. I know you will find this hard to believe again so soon. I have. But the Meir ufo as been sighted again. Friends of mine were watching tv on the evening of Sat. 27/06/10 when the woman spotted a bright light moving above the rooftops across the road from their lounge window. She told her husband, he grabbed his binoculars. They dashed out and watched it hovering over the Sandon Road area. On looking through his bins, he said it was a throbbing triangle shape again. There was no sound, it stayed silent while hovering for a while. It then shot off at speed in the opposite direction. I must point out, there was no breeze at all here on this night. Why all the sightings in Staffordshire at the moment. Mind you, close by we have many enormous closed down factory sights which cover many acres of land. Also an enormous school with all latest tech. in ? Who knows. Must point out by the way. Both women mentioned above were originally sceptics but not anymore. All have thrown out the idea of lanterns as well….

  3. Our orange visitor was sighted again on the late evening of Wednesday 7th July. It followed a similar flight path as before. But then as it was a cloudy night here in Meir, it shot at great speed up into the clouds. Could not look out any longer as it was then time for bed. I am now wondering if there is any connection between all these sightings on the website, and the year 2012!


  5. Hi Mike. Thanks for your comment. I too watched a ufo along with some of my family. We were on my grans front door step in Fenton. It was in the late 60s. It flew quietly from the direction of Longton then down over Stoke onto Penkhull direction. It was so quiet you could here the traffic on King Street as it passed over. We couldnt believe it was happening. Other people must have spotted it at the time. Who also remembers all the ufo furore at the time over Bentilee and Parkhall Hills. They featured in the papers and later in a book called Ufo UK in the early 70s.

  6. Hi there, l have just read your own account of the experience you had in the late 60’s regarding a UFO sighting in Longton and the reports of the same over Bentilee and Park Hall hills. At the time l was 8 years of age and along with my Father we stood outside The Weston Coyney Arms and watched the UFO fly from the hills to directly above us where it stayed silently for several minutes. It was around 60-70 feet above us and around 50 feet away. It kept going back to Park Hall hills and returned again to the same spot above us. It’s speed was so fast that it took no more than 2 seconds to cover the ground between the areas. It was a clear but cold November evening and we did not lose sight of the craft at any time. People who lived on Weston Coyney Road came out to look and some traffic also stopped in the road. My Father spoke to a gentleman who lived in one of the houses on the road who had come out to look and he took photographs of the UFO. My Father spoke to the gentlman some days later, enquiring after the photographs, only to be told that ‘ some men had come and taken his camera ( and film ) away’ with little or no explanation. The event has always stayed in my mind, very vividly due l think to being so close to the craft and seeing so much detail. We could see the colour and shape of the craft and the colored light array around and underneath it. All the while it was silent even when it moved and lighteningly fast. No we could’nt believe what we were seeing but we did, it happened and l am so glad that other people did too. I decided to check the internet for reports of this sighting after l was remembering the incident and telling my husband about it. I am astounded that the other reports l have read verify my experience, it’s good to know that my memory did’nt or has’nt played tricks on me and that it was reported on and witnessed to.

  7. I was only a young child at the time of the Bentilee / Coyney sightings in the late 60’s but I can remember everyone talking about the events. I understand a book was written about the events ? I was wondering if anyone knew how to obtain a copy of the book or indeed any local newspaper reports concerning the events ?

  8. As a young boy, (mid 1970s) I and a group of my friends were playing up Park Hall hills (at the back Quarry part, just up from the fishing pool) Lovely clear day. we were jumping and rolling down the sand hills. When one of my friends said look at that. Behind me and my friend was a silver saucer shape about 30 ft from edge to edge. It was approx 100 to 150 feet above us. Just hanging in mid air, no noise, no smoke, nothing. It then moved slowly to the end of the quarry. (around the top rim by the safety fencing) stopped there for a moment or two, it then came back towards us slowly then the acceleration was something else, super super fast, then up at an angle of about 70 degrees, no sound no trails etc. I lived in Weston Coyney for over 40 years

  9. To add to that, there was about 10 of us that day who witnessed this, unknown to me a couple were walking there dog who also witnessed this and they reported it to the Evening Sentinel, so I was told. One of our group was so affected by this, for the next 3 years or so went up the hills armed with pen/paper/camera. I know what I saw and it was not of this earth. I tell people from time to time of what I witnessed, but people just laugh.

  10. My mother saw a saucer shape craft over Meir in the late 1970s to early 80s,She said it was silver in colour and like 2 dinner plates one on top of another in shape, The next night it was all over the sentinel with pictures people had drawn, people in bentilee saw a cigar shaped craft, my mum said there was a ring light around the bottom which was pure white and did not flash, It had no sound, and it had no hatches or doors she stood there for awhile watching it from her bedroom window and was about to shout the rest of the family but it took off at tremendous Speed towards the old aerodrome, She said, she had the feeling it shot off backwards even though there was no obvious front or back to the craft, Does anyone know where I can get hold of that sentinel please? It was around 2am

  11. Now this is good; a multiple witness report with newspaper coverage – very unusual. I’ll do some digging and see if I can find anything on this one. If you could Christopher, what is the full title of the newspaper in question – and have you tried looking for archives online? I’d love to read this one.

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