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Northern Moor, Wythenshawe-31st October 2009

Location of Sighting: Northern Moor, Wythenshawe
Date of Sighting: 31/10/09
Time: TBA
Witness Name: mike diver, gary & keiron myers

Witness Statement: I have just witnessed at low flying ufo in northern moor. Witnessed by 6 other people. It was at least 400 yards away and 1000ft away glowing bright orange with a light orange globe above. We watched it travel quite fast with no noise for approximately 10 minutes as other planes passed which looked quite small compared to what we seen. It wasn’t an air balloon because it was too fast or anything remote control. It looked like it was on fire at first but as it came closer it had a pulsing light and circled twice. Other people in wythenshawe must have witnessed this phenomenum.


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Updated: October 31, 2009 — 11:32 pm


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  1. regi corbett. from crewe cheshire.

    me and my daughter saw the same thing i was amazed as i thought that it was something on fire! we were stood outside and saw the glow, i shouted for someone else to witness it as i knew it was a ufo. the object was travelling horizontally and then a sharp up and down movement it hovered and then just went away as quick as it came.
    this was NOT a plane,balloon or chinese lattern.
    the time was around 7.15pm.

  2. I saw exactly the same thing at around 10.45pm. Way too fast, big and solid to be lantern etc. We get a lot of low flying aircroft over here and you can here them coming – not this is just appeared. It looked like a fireball in the sky. Very scary!! Does anyone know what is was??

  3. I saw exactly the same thing in Birmingham when i was outside with my family.There were 7 of us in our garden and we saw a bright orange glowing object that looked like it was on fire.As it got closer it was totaly silent and passers by were all looking at it.I got a pic on my mobile but only looks like an orange blob on the screen.i got a chance to get some binoculars when it was directly over us and the bottom was bright orange glow but the top was light orange band and it sounds cheesy but it was pshere shaped.It then just suddenly disapeared but around 10mins later it reappeared from a different direction. I cant explain this away easily and 1 thing i do know is that it wasnt a plane as it was the wrong shape, It wasnt a balloon as it was way to fast or a helicopter as it was totaly silent.I am totlay stumpted.Loads of people witnessed this also.I wonder if it was on Bham airport radar?

  4. Me and my partner saw these last night. We live in Northenden and it was about 10.25pm. We saw what looked like a small plane on fire. It was a bright orange glow that headed off towards Manchester city centre. There was no noise coming from it. We went into the garden to get a better look and could tell it was not a plane or a helicopter. We went back inside and within a few minutes looked out again and another appeared above our house and this one took excatly the same route as the other one. We watched till it dissappeared and still not know what it was, very strange.

  5. On Saturday 31/10/09 at about 8.20 – 8.30pm, my wife and I were walking down our road in Cheadle, Stockport when I spotted an Orange light in the sky. It was definitely not a plane or helicopter and it moved from south west to north east. After it passed overhead, it rose in height then disappeared,
    As we continued our journey I spotted two more moving side by side in formation. A lady walking her dog stopped to see what we were looking at and was absolutely amazed. Two young men dressed for Halloween also stopped and joined in the observation, they then moved off in the same north easterly direction.

  6. We live in Sale and saw the same thing. It seemed to rise from behind the houses opposite(in the general direction of brooklands cemetary – spooky). It was like a bright orange fireball. When it reached the height of say a police helicopter or a low flying aircraft it then moved horizontally at a fast pace – maybe the same pace as a light aircraft. We watched it go in the direction of Stretford and Manchester city centre. It made no noise at all. At the time it was quite shocking and we thought we had witnessed a ufo but after the event we are wondering whether it might have been something like a chinese lantern or UFO balloon(see maybe caught a strong gust of wind or airstream maybe. It was halloween and no doubt people are setting these kinds of things off especially getting closer to 5th November. Having said that I still think it was a UFO!!

  7. I saw a Chinese lantern tonight and I’m sorry to say it looked exactly the same as the UFO in question. It travelled in exactly the same manner drifting in the wind. I’ve no doubt now that the one on oct 31st was also a Chinese lantern.

  8. a 300ft lantern that excellerated at a ridiculous speed at then returned 15 minutes later….some lantern

  9. i saw the same thing on the 31.10.2009 in darnhill heywood manchester. there was a bright orange light which was like a football which was moving at speed then stopped and then moved in the oppersite direction. we saw it twice that night,it also had things dripping from it like fire balls

  10. During THE Monmouth,Wales UFO flap the craft was seen to drop white balls of light, WHICH exploded on contact with the ground, but caused NO DAMAGE according to the policeman I talked with…This was the Adamski type craft with the three balls underneath, from where the white balls of energy dropped from…..Many years ago I dowsed the Adamski type craft genuine in some cases from his pictures, like the Billy Meir craft I found some of them to have this power of the Sun alien tag (None of the Venusian types).

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