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Oval Shaped Object – Hull-24th September 2004

Location of Sighting: Hull
Date of Sighting: 24/9/2004
Time: 5pm
Witness Name: Daniel Bailey and Dean Bailey
Witness Statement: Driving back from Hull to Plymouth we both saw a oval shaped object in the sky thought it was a telegraph pole far away as we got closer it changed shaped n colour then darted across the sky in such speed and manouverbility that no man made machine could do.

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  1. Even faster than the time it took to write your report?

  2. Hi Alan,

    Unlike food, as far as I’m aware, there is no ‘use by’ date for the inclusion of sightings onto Andy’s great site!.

  3. I think it is unfair to comment on the time taken to post a sighting. I have reported two sightings in the last 9 years when I lived in Lincolnshire.

    A sighting that will always stick with me occured 1992 to 1994. It was the year the huge commet smashed into Jupiter, shumacher Levey was it? Anyway, I’m sure someone will correct me on spelling, time, date.

    I went with my partner with a telescop to watch the phenomenon at a place called Ravendale.

    We witnessed two silver ‘smarties’ flying together at an unfathomable rate. They seemed to ‘held’ together with a black aura.

    I was 20 years old and cried hysterics all the way home.

    It’s only now I say this. It was my first sighting and I thought people would think me a nutter. It takes time to talk about things that you simply can’t comprehend.

  4. Lisa, I agree with your comment about the time between a sighting and reporting it; I could post many on here from my younger days, but then would have to also post my opinion of what I actually saw, so would be labelled as a buffoon. You choose a great place to watch that phenomenon; little light pollution. I’m not sure how well you know the region but (again, as I’m about to offer a possible – note, not definite – suggestion as to what your UFO was) are you aware you were within a few miles, as the crow flies, of the very busy Donna Nook firing range, used both day and night by the RAF? Could military hardware have been what you saw?

  5. I have been mis-understood. I am refering to one sentence. You see a UFO and write a report of one sentence. How about a bit of detail? Why did you think it was a telegraph pole? It changed colour from what to what? Went off at what speed, what direction? Hell `ive written more already. Give me a break.

  6. my partner and I both witnessed the same occurrence. oval/circle shaped greyish object in the sky during the day,it kind of changed shape into more of a point (at one end) then rapidly flew off, we both have seen the same occurrence when we was alone on two other occasions

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