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Luminescent Light-Northampton-3rd June 2017

Location of Sighting:Northampton Date of Sighting:3rd June 2017 Time:22:30 Witness Name:Nick Witness Statement:Standing having a cigarette at a golf course, in pitch blackness, watching the moon and obvious aircraft on an established flight path. The sky was 90% clear with the odd low lying whispy cloud crossing the moon. Stars and planets very visible. I […]

Bright Silver Object-Daylight-Disley, Cheshire-2nd July 2017

Location of Sighting: Disley, Cheshire Date of Sighting: 2.7.17 Time: 3.30pm Witness Name: Simon Robinson Witness Statement:A bright silver object, with what looked like 4 orbs all attached as one object, drifting at approx four thousand feet if not higher, looked online at weather balloons and it doesn’t look like any of these. Source:¬† Comment […]