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Poole, Dorset-12th January 2014

Location of Sighting: Poole,Dorset
Date of Sighting: 12-01-2014
Time: 23:20
Witness Name: I.G.lovell

Witness Statement: Some sort of aircraft. With a couple of lights (1 white-ish and 1 red-ish) moving in amazing directions,nothing like a plane. It was moving forward as well as side to side,very fast

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Updated: January 13, 2014 — 10:25 pm


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  1. Probably from the planet Maplin (£29.99 including VAT).

  2. I once saw a Helicopter flying backwards over Manchester – it had the same effect – complete puzzlement.

    I was stood outside with a colleague and most people didnt even notice

  3. I would suggest a radio controlled quadcopter or similar from the brief description given.

  4. Agreed-quadcopter; also saw it once at night, it had three flickering led lights, and it produced very perplexing manouvers which seemed as if those lights were trying to zig zag each other out. Police are testing their new toys, I suppose 🙂

  5. Hi

    I am currently staying in Broadstone and have been scanning the skies over Poole since last October. I have seen a number of interesting objects in recent years mostly in London.

    On several occasions recently including tonight, Sunday 19th January 2014, I have observed strange flashing lights over Poole, Poole Harbour and Canford Heath. I was watching a number of these tonight through my binoculars. The objects were defined by two and sometimes three bright yellow lights and small arythymical strobing lights. The flashing lights were mostly white and red and occasionally blue.

    I could not get a proper sense of the vehicles the lights were mounted on. In the case of the clearest sighting the three steady yellow lights seemed to be inclined at a 30 degree angle to the direction of travel.

    These objects appear just after sundown and stay in the sky for quite a while. Their movement is seemingly erratic but watching strobing lights in a night sky can be misleading. Tonight’s objects were approaching from Canford Heath and moving across my line of vision toward Bournemouth.

    I have hesitated to report them formally here as I know they sound like misidentified aircraft. I asked my father to come out have a look at one tonight and he started off by saying, “That’s a plane”. He then realised that the flashing and movement did not look like any of the aircraft he is familiar with. Irritatingly he refused to look through the binoculars! He walked indoors shaking his head.

    This area has civilian air traffic of all kinds, military traffic and general helicopter activity.

    I will continue to observe and hopefully will a get a decent overhead view as all my sightings so far have been from a lateral viewpoint.

    Please post any more sightings that you have as I am sure there is something interesting in all this.



  6. Hi Phill.
    I’m very interested in whether you have seen anything in the last few nights. Last night around 11pm when driving past sunseekers at Tower park down the hill i could see in the distance over broadstone/canford heath a bright flickering light, slightly orange in colour, kind of hovering. It caught my eye but just dismissed it as a police helicopter as i know 90% odd of ‘ufo’ sighting have logical explanations. however as i drove past the roadabout at Canford heath asda towards broastone i could see it again, by this time, as we got closer we realised it wasn’t a helicopter, neither me, my mum or sister could work out what it was. As we approached the roundabout before montecute school we were almost directly underneath it and decided to pull over too look, from underneath it was rectangular in shape with very small ‘wings’ (Only word i can think of to describe them) it had square lights all over the bottom, more like windows of a house with the light on inside. We quickly done a u’turn and were going to follow it as we were so startled and interested as to what it could be, but, in the space of the 10 seconds it took us to turn around, it had gone, and could be faintly seen in the distance heading towards bournemouth way.How it got there that quick is beyond me. It’s very hard to explain as we only saw it properly for about 10 seconds, but ive tried to the best i can. As you said yourself, this area has a lot of air traffic but this is nothing like ive seen before, as was definitely not a helecopter or passenger-like plane. I’m not saying this is an ‘alien spacecraft’ or ‘ufo’ and i’m pretty sure its probably something millitary based, but who knows?! I’m just interested to hear if you’ve maybe seen something similar as its really bugging me and kinda freaked me out! Thankyou mate and i look forward to hearing your reply

  7. Heartfelt apologies for not having replied to Laurence above.

    I have not seen the object laurence describes nor have I come across anything with that particular description. Thank goodness there was someone with you Laurence – I always see interesting stuff when I am on my own and it becomes difficult to tell friends and family as they are dismissive and concerned.

    It is funny as I just saw something interesting last night (14/1/16 – c.17:30) over Canford Heath – two orange lights, like bright orangey-yellow headlights but spread very far apart and seemingly at each end of an object. It seemed to be stationary but I was on my bike so I tried to find a good viewpoint but it disappeared while I was looking away – possibly into cloud. I was convinced it must be an aircraft but there were no strobes or red and green lights to be seen.

    Intriguing but not enough to make much out of – again it was only visible for a few seconds.

    It is interesting but once you have had a sighting like yours it makes you look up and think about what you are seeing. The more time you put in the more you see. I am just happy to see the ISS, satellites (watch out in the Summer for iridium flares as they are beautiful) and meteors.

    Happy sky watching to all.


  8. in 1976 whilst out walking my dog on Canford Heath with a young lady called Teresa Courage ,we both witnessed a very strange activity, two lights separated but flowing symmetrically together along the path way that we were on came towards us and then slowed up. then suddenly as we started to approach them they turned side-wards of the track and completely disapered, myself and Teresa rushing forward to look for the lights were actually with out Knowing suddenly moved to place on the heath that we used to call Hill Sixty, which is actually some distance away from where we were actually walking. Teresa who was about 18 years old and here on holiday from new Zealand whom only came on the heath with me to see the Dear then started to cry, i calmed her down as I new exactly where we were. I believe we lost substantial time during that event because we arrived home very late that evening and in fact the place that we were transported to was actually nearer home than the point we were transported from. However I have no memory of anything happening during the time that I think we missed. Another instance happened in 1975 when a chap called Patrick Cobb and Keith Gaylour came into school class saying they had spotted a UFO on the heath that had lots of lights, telling us that it had left marks on the ground , our class teacher during social studies took the whole class to the heath to witness the marks on the ground and sure enough there was a massive circle impregnated in the ground. later i learned that on the evening that Terisa and I had been transported a UFO had been seen moving in the direction of Ferndown from the canford road.

  9. strange static light over hamworthy poole , stayed for about an hour then disappeared

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