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Purple and Red lights-Stubbington Hampshire-21st January 2017

Location of Sighting: Stubbington Hampshire
Date of Sighting: Various since New Years Eve
Time: Started at 4:45pm now they come around 9:00pm
Witness Name: Dennis Rayment
Witness Statement: Two incandescent Purple and Red lights seen many times these past two weeks in our area they occasionally turn red before descending then return to purple again ascending. They have been observed by myself and a work college to briefly turn Purely Green for a very short period before returning to Purple and Red again They are mostly Purple (LEDish light) with a Red streak running through their mid section On the last sighting on the 7th my college recorded a video with three of these objects but that was the first time we have seen three prior to that only two have been observed.They are very luminescent purple and red and sometimes before descending they turn pure red. On occasion they flash pure green. Once we witnessed three flash green simultaneously. They started out with just two now the come in threes and fours. They tend to mostly form Triangle shapes and last sighting yesterday they formed a T shape on its side


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Updated: January 21, 2017 — 10:50 pm


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  1. I have seen these also on 18 and 21 Jan 2017. Three objects. They fly independently. Can not hear any sound. They will form perfect geometric shapes; equalateral triangles, isosceles triangles, straight lines perfectly spaced. Sometimes close together, sometimes far apart. Sometimes they descend below horizon. They will glow white, blue and red or sometimes suddenly turn scarlet all over. Reported it to Air Traffic Control who fed back could have been Survey Work on behalf of a Utility Company (do they mean Drones?) – or Chinese Lanterns (it is definitely NOT the latter) but that it actually is outside their controlled airspace and they have no record of activity there. Reported it to police but never heard back. Would be interested if anyone coukd confirm Drone theory?

  2. Of course they are drones. You can buy them for 50 quid or so and fit lights to them. They’re good fun flown by radio control.

  3. Are they yours?

  4. No, I’m a long way from you!Fit’s the description perfectly though.

  5. Purple lights in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, around midnight. Like a purple strobe almost… thought maybe neighbours had a new security system or something, but nope.

  6. Hi Steve,

    You wrote…”Of course they are drones”….

    You are no doubt are aware of the so called ‘Foo fighters’
    during WW11 were lights of Red, Green, Orange, Silver were
    observed by pilots of both sides of the conflict & both thought it to be a new ‘Weapon’!.

    Here’s a short extract from Dec 2nd 1944 ‘War Diary’ courtesy of Wikipedia.

    We have only seven operational aircraft now as replacements
    are snow-bound at Setif, North Africa. The Ops. Report says
    “1st patrol saw 2 sets of 3 red and white lights. One
    appeared on port side, the other on starboard at 1,000 to
    2,000 feet to rear and closing in. Beau peeled off and light went out, nothing on GCI ? at the time.” And then again: Observed lights suspended in air, moving slowly in no general Direction and then disappeared. Lights were orange, and Appeared singly and in pairs. These lights were observed 4 Or 5 times throughout the period.”.

    Though Drones & Chinese Lanterns are ‘lights in the sky’
    I think it’s fair to say that ‘lights in the sky’ have been observed the world over long before the introduction of the aforemtioned!.

    I had to laugh at the responce Tina recieved from ATC that some Utility Company was using ‘Drones’ (that turn colour
    & forrm geometric patterns in the sky) while carrying out ‘inspection’ work, & ‘inform her ‘they have of no record of activity there’ (That old Chesnit!!).

  7. Chris,

    “You are no doubt are aware of the so called ‘Foo fighters’
    during WW11” – indeed I am, and it’s a very interesting subject. What’s even more interesting is this : where are they today? Why are they not regularly reported by the thousands of aircraft in the sky every day? Is it because, as has been suggested, they were the product of ‘St Elmo’s Fire’, ball lightning and other natural phenomena, which we are now more aware of? I know you don;t like me taking this stance, but that is surely the most logical explanation?

    You’re right, of course, in that lights in the sky are not a new phenomenon – three wise men in a very famous story spring to mind – but the difference between, say, 1944 and now is vast. We have to remember that even in WW2, powered flight was still in its relative infancy. The RAF were still flying biplanes, for example. Also, commercial flight was open only to those with a bag load of money, hence WW2 was the first time that many people, in many aircraft, had taken to the sky on a regular basis. It’s logical, therefore, that they would experience things they didn’t understand – such as odd atmospheric disturbances, now more readily understood.

    As for drones; go to ebay, you can buy an RC quadcopter, complete with Wi-Fi camera and pretty light kit, for less than £40. They are easy to fly, and make very little noise. At night, an observer at a distance would see a set of lights – yes, making a geometric shape – in the sky, that would be there for a few minutes, and then ‘suddenly’ disappear. You can turn lights on remotely with some models, allowing for this effect. How many reports on here are of lights that fit that description? A lot, I would say.

    I’m not sure why you find the utility company suggestion amusing; it is, again, a likely suggestion. We have a lot of high voltage powerlines crossing the area from a power station nearby; camera-equipped drones are not uncommon, buzzing the cables for inspection. It’s safe, cheap and effective.

    Well done to Tina, by the way, for reporting it.

  8. Hi Steve,

    “three wise men in a very famous story spring to mind”, yes, I Agree with you, (for once!).

    “What’s even more interesting is this: where are they today? Why are they not regularly reported by the thousands of aircraft in the sky every day?”.

    You will no doubt remember the sighting of the late Capt
    Graham Sheppard, who was told by his senior Capt that if he reported his sighting to (the press) that his ‘future prospects would be in jeopordy’!. And it begs the question
    who decided to censore this information, & I understand you
    think this couldn’t be happening today!.

    “It’s logical, therefore, that they would experience things they didn’t understand”.

    The following is a letter to Major General John Samford, from Albert Simpson, Chief of U.S.A.F. Historical Division, Dated 22nd Jan 1953 relating to ‘lights’ seen over Japan that he thought ‘might be of interest to him’.

    2nd May 1945.

    Headquarters VII Bomber Command.

    OBSERVATIONS: The crew of plane #616 over FALA ISLAND, TRUK ATOLL, at 021802Z observed 2 airborne objects at their 11,000 foot altitude changing from a cherry red to an orange, and to a white light which would die out and then become cherry red again. These objects were out on either wing and not within range of caliber .50 machine guns. Both followed the B-24 through all types of evasive action. A B-24 took a course for GUAM and one of the pursuers dropped off at 021900Z after accompanying the B-24 for an hour. The other continued to follow, never approaching closer than 1000 yards and speeding up when the B-24 went thru the clouds to emerge on the other side ahead of the B-24. In daylight it was seen to be bright silver in color.

    ‘Ball Lightning’, ‘Earth lights’ ‘St Elmo’s fire’, ‘Foo
    Fighters’ are all names dreamt up by ‘experts’ in a vain attempt to ‘explain away’ phenonemon that leaves no evidence behind to examine to be able to come to a ‘logical conclusion’ as you would say!, I mean, how in the world does any of the above follow an aircraft into the cloud & then ‘speed up’ to arrive in front of the plane?. Don’t you wonder what these objects were Steve
    & more importantly, what they were up to?.

    I laughed at the responce Tina recieved from ATC because
    it’s a ridiculous respone to suggest that a utility Company
    worker is operating a ‘drone’ that is forming these shapes
    & changing colours whilst (alledgedly) inspecting power lines. I’m not saying that Drones aren’t used by Utility Company’s, but not in the ways described by Tina.

    And finally Steve, remember that saying. Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence.

  9. I do know of the case of the Captain, who was told by his senior not to mention it to the press. I’d suggest, however, that was because what he experienced was of secret, military origin.

    “‘Ball Lightning’, ‘Earth lights’ ‘St Elmo’s fire’, ‘Foo
    Fighters’ are all names dreamt up by ‘experts’ in a vain attempt to ‘explain away’ phenonemon”

    No, they’re not; ball lightning is real, and has been replicated in laboratories; St Elmo’s fire is real, and is not a rare phenomenon; ‘Earth lights’ – we’re getting vague here, but there are many atmospheric phenomena that are now better understood hat in WW2, and Foo Fighters wasn’t dreamed up by experts but by the pilots.

    “I mean, how in the world does any of the above follow an aircraft into the cloud & then ‘speed up’ to arrive in front of the plane?.”

    Without knowing what it was, I couldn’t say, could I? Nor, for the record could you.

    “Don’t you wonder what these objects were Steve
    & more importantly, what they were up to?.”

    I don’t think they were objects; I think they were atmospheric phenomena, as do many people who have researched the subject. YOu are, of course, entitled to believe otherwise, but ball lightning certainly fits the bill!

    As for Tina’s sighting, it describes someone watching a quadcopter drone, fitted with coloured lights, almost perfectly, while being unaware of what they were watching. I’m amazed you can’t see that.

    Imagine seeing this, for example, at a distance, having never seen one before:

  10. They might be mil Drones if the place you seen them was near to farnborough, there is a lot of mod etc test area around there people in that area are seeing a lot of strange things

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