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Rochdale -Strange Lights-1991

Dean Hanley has contacted  us with the following request:

Going back approx to 1991 can you please tell me was any strange lights (approx 3) high in the east sky in Lancashire reported, that seemed to be 100s of miles apart that where stationary for a while then suddenly travelled vast distances within 1 second & where stationary again, this happened for quite a few minutes. I noticed it driving home in the Rochdale Borough area at approx 6-8pm . I stopped the car & phoned my wife to come out of he house & look, by the time she got there the lights had gone. The speed these lights travelled & the vast distance covered was undoubtably nothing man made. I did not report this at the time but has always been on my mind. I would like to know if anyone did report this sighting. Sorry about the dates but it was a while ago. I keep an open mind on these things, but i know what I seen that night was 100% definatley not an aircraft. Thanks Dean

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  1. Hi.

    I have a similar memory from around this time. I had been staying late at school to practice music with some friends of mine and was cycling home at around this time in the evening. I was probably about a mile from home when I looked up in the sky and saw lights which seemed to be forming part of an enormous ring in the sky. It was a cloudy night and the lights seemed at first to be projected onto the clouds from ground level, searchlights maybe? But the lights were way too large and way, way too far apart, and when I looked at them for a few seconds they were obviously being projected downwards onto the top of the clouds. I have never cycled home so fast in my life. When I looked up again a few seconds later the lights had vanished. When I asked around at school the next day a friend’s dad a couple of miles away had seen it from his front doorstep too. I lived in Bamford at the time and I saw it from the edge of Bamford Golf Course. We can’t rationalise these things so we don’t talk about them but it has always stayed with me as something I can’t explain. I would like to hear your experience too.

  2. I remember seeing lights behaving exactly as the OP describes but it would have been the late 1970s. I was on the hills above Rossendale and the lights were in a south-westerly direction from there (looked to be over Liverpool / North Wales direction)

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