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Row Of Red Lights-Bromley Kent-27th August 2017

Location of Sighting: Bromley Kent
Date of Sighting: Sunday 27th August 2017
Time: 9.30 – 9.36 (ish) pm
Witness Name: Chris
Witness Statement: Sat in living room where the window looks to the south, I notice a red light in the skies
that goes out no sooner than I first noticed it. Where I live I see planes coming from the south heading north, that then make a right turn that then takes over Biggin Hill then turn west heading to Heathrow airport, this light appeared at the height of the air crafts final turn to the west, so, possibly 10k in height, that’s only a guess, but that’s the impression it gave me. The red lights were not like an air crafts red light.

As I grabbed my ‘phone & arrived in the garden, I was amazed to see a random line of red lights 12(ish) about the same height of those aircraft, on there final turn to Heathrow, and one by one the lights would extinguish & then there was nothing to be seen. While looking at the lights I hit the record button on the ‘phone even though I couldn’t observe anything through the screen. (Chinese Lanterns, Chinese Lanterns!!) I hear ‘them’ say!!!!, please, may I continue……….

Once all the lights had ‘gone’ I tried to imagine there path through the skie & looking up to the roofline (north) was amazed to see two sets of greyish discs that appeared to me as fluffy, out of focus with no definition to them whatsoever & maybe the size of a two pence piece held at arms length, both identical to each other with one disc trailing the other behind and to it’s left. both passed over within seconds of each other.

Even if the camera was on, I doubt that I could have captured an image , because of the low light & lake of definition of the objects, not to mention the rapidness of them.

The video shows an oblong red light randomly appearing on the lower left of the screen that I don’t remember seeing & moreover, why oblong not round?.

The strangest thing of all on the video is that the oblong light appears to move in ‘slow motion’, like it’s been edited to look like it’s in slow motion????.

Andy. I’ve emailed the video separately, would you be kind enough to attach for me!


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Updated: September 1, 2017 — 12:31 pm

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