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Saddleworth Moor-4th June 2012

Location of Sighting: Saddleworth Moor
Date of Sighting: 4th June 2012
Time: Afternoon
Witness Name: Andrew Campion

Witness Statement: Whilst out working driving over Saddleworth Moors my son took a picture of cloud formation in the shape of a skulls head adjacent. It’s a bit unnerving…a trick of the light or something more paranormal. Comments please.


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Updated: July 24, 2012 — 6:42 pm


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  1. hello Andrew
    Looking at your sons photo i see the reflection in the car door mirror shows that you have the front window closed , all you are seeing is a reflection of the cameras flash on the window, the skull shape in the clouds is wicked ,tell your son i said great photo..

  2. Hi , many years ago I was walking the north Cornish coast . One evening I was watching a small light crossing the sky thinking or wondering if it was plane catching the sun, which had already set . The light disappeared behind a small cloud and I was waiting for it to come out the other side. As the cloud (which was travelling towards where we were camped down for the night) came nearer to us it had, or rather had become a very distinct face shape , appearing to be looking down at us . The light never did reappear from the other side of the cloud .

  3. By the way , it was over the sea that this took place .

  4. Nice cloud but that light looks like your phones flash or light reflecting on the window

  5. Why does everyone bring up the flash off the camera? The guy doesn’t even mention anything other than the cloud formation which looks pretty cool!

  6. That’s a brilliant catch. Well done for spotting it!

    Not paranormal though.

  7. hello, I believe you completely. Back when I was 18,which was quite a few years ago. Myself and three friends were parked on the moors in a car. All of a sudden I heard my friend in the back seat yelling about something she could see in the sky. We all looked up and saw two skulls shaped from the clouds. The detail was incredible! One was a small normal shaped skull. The other was a lot bigger with an extremely evil grin. As we all watched the skulls started to fade with evil grin being the last thing to go. Well as you can understand we were extremely scared, we all at the same time had this horrible feeling we were being watched. we got out of there as soon as possible! My only regret is we never had a camera as this was the time before mobile phones with cameras. I really do think this was paranormal!! 🙂

  8. Not a trick of the light and not paranormal.. A trick of the brain! Pareidolia.

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