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Triangular Craft-Kippax Leeds Yorkshire-19th July 1998

Location of Sighting: Kippax Leeds yorkshire
Date of Sighting: 19 July 1998
Time: 11 pm
Witness Name: Ann wright
Witness Statement: Saw a beam of light going on and off from left to right going across the window it very bright almost like a torch was been switched on and off but a brilliant light.We had the curtains open as it had been a hot day and window slightly open.i jumped out of bed which took me approx three seconds as I went to push open the window a disc which was only twenty feet from me was rotating in a clockwise direction it looked like a Catherine wheel and bright red as though it was on fire.
I would estimate it to be about fifteen feet in diameter no sound and I was seeing the underneath of sped off in about two seconds leaving a vapour trail.i looked at the night sky and saw very high up a triangular craft which looked like a Christmas tree shape with lights at the end of each section going on and off intermittently. I had never believed in ufos but whatever It was it was not man made.

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