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Two Bright Lights-Bridgend, Wales-1st October 2017

Location of Sighting: Bridgend, Wales
Date of Sighting: 1st October 2017
Time: 7.45pm
Witness Name: Dee
Witness Statement: Look out the window to see this two bright lights in the Sky. The only way I could describe these are like landing lights on a plane. Myself and my son watched these for briefly 1 minute before they disappeared behind the clouds. At first I thought maybe it was the moon behind the clouds until the moon showed itself above to the left quite a way up. These lights looked as though a plane was about the land straight on over my house but this was silent, the lights did not move they were completely stationary. I live next to a motorway so anyone going eastbound would’ve seen these too. Me and my son are gobsmacked after just witnessing this, I’m glad he seen it too or else I would’ve question myself. I hope some else comes forward to report this also as it was unmissable to the naked eye (massive)

I also checked Flightradar24 and there were no aeroplanes in the vicinity.

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Updated: October 9, 2017 — 9:42 am

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  1. A couple of things stand out here: I’m interested that you describe the lights as akin to aircraft landing lights, and stationary. Could it have been a helicopter with spotlights on for some reason? Before I get shot down for offering this as a possible explanation, I have witnessed a Sea King in the distance with a searchlight on, and it fits the description. The fact it was silent could be because it was actually further away than you thought; in the case of mine, I believed it to be nearer than it was. As for FlightRadar24, the fact your aircraft didn’t show up also points towards a helicopter. FlightRadar24 – like many such resources (and great fun they are) can only display aircraft that are squawking using certain types of transponders, the usual one being ADS-B. ADS-B is not yet a legal requirement and is therefore only fitted to some aircraft; police, news and even search and rescue helicopters often do not use ADS-B transponders, so would not have shown up. ADS-B becomes legally required in 2020. Of course, to satisfy those who consider me – and others who offer such explanations – to be buffoons, I could be wrong.

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