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Various Sightings-Sandwell and Shropshire-1980’s-90s and 2010 to 2011

Location of Sighting: Sandwell and Shropshire
Date of Sighting: 1980’s-90s and 2010 to 2011
Time: Night time
Witness Name: Andrew W
Witness Statement: I have witnessed several UFOs over the years.
UFO landed somewhere in the Sandwell Valley at night. Went to investigate and found nothing.
At night three UFOs came over the high raised apartments where I lived in a place called Stone Cross in West Bromwich. Three lights, green, red, blue. When they reach the horizon, the individual lights went off in different directions.
Slow moving objects were seen flying over the listening station at Woofferton, Ludlow, Shropshire.

Do you know of any UFO sighting groups and discussion groups in Shropshire?

Need to discuss the infrastructure of the alien communities within this Universe.
Alien, creature, advanced humans, hybrids, all the same.
I believe all are human based within this Galaxy.
Other Galaxies, well that is a different story.
I have my own theories on Mars and the Moon but without being part of a discussion group, these theories/ideas will remain as a Nuclei.


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Updated: July 17, 2017 — 7:46 am

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  1. You went to investigate and found nothing? Could it be there was nothing to find?

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