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Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear-14th December 2013

Location of Sighting:Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear
Date of Sighting:14.12.2013
Time: 07:30 6:45 6:00
Witness Name: James McGregor & Janette Edwards

Witness Statement:Viewing the 14.12.2013 meteor shower on the rocks/cliffs of seafront of Whitley Bay between the hours of 04:30 and 07:30.
Many meteors/shooting stars were also sighted and this was very nice but the other lights, were not stars meteors or planes of any common knowledge to the best of my belief.
Lights were first spotted directly overhead the lights only flashed on and then remained off for longer than your standard airline plane also there was defiantly only one light, no tail lights or any for the wings (green or red) also no trail, living at the coast my whole live i know the airlines use St. Mary’s lighthouse as a transit point for Newcastle Airport, so have seen many planes in the sky in the past, the lights moved in a zigzag fashion then disappeared completely (06:00)
Then at 06:45 a new star had appeared also directly above, forming a perfect looking equilateral triangle with the handle of the ‘Big Dipper’ the star began to orbit in circles around the point it had previously been stationed at, then starting moving across the night sky towards Jupiter, very fast, to high for a plane, one solid glowing circular white light, resembled a star, more agile and nimble than a plane, could move in directions that a plane could not, stop and change direction, lost sight of it in the distance (06:45)
On the way home, as it was now dawn, another star like, omnidirectional solid glowing object appeared in the sky, looked as if it was within our atmosphere, flying south across the horizon, paused for a moment, flashed intensely then changed direction and began to fly north towards Sirius the brightest star in the sky (07:30)


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Updated: December 18, 2013 — 10:48 pm


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  1. St Mary’s is not a transit point, its where the beams for the ILS can be found for runway 25. Apart from the visual watch at Newcastle, you can easily sea the coast from the tower and Newcastle radar you also have RAF Boulmer radar and Fylingdales to the south. So I take it no one saw this but you?

    I have seen nothing on Look North (They had their own sighting of a UFO over the Tyne some years ago caught on camera) or in the Journal/Evening Chronicle reporting a UFO.

    Could this be someone with a laser? Or maybe the object was after the copper wreck as someone suggested some months ago?????

  2. Look North is a mainstream television programme that like most UK television news channels almost never covers UFO stories.

    It would take a flying saucer over Buckingham Palace for 2 solid days to get onto UK news. Though perhaps the Royal connection would lead to a ban on that anyway!

    If you watch December UFO reports on youtube these UFOs based on points of light are very prevalent at the moment.

  3. Aldeley, please find the link for BBC Look North – June 12th 2012. You really need to do your homework Alderley.

    One of their following programmes included ATC at Newcastle Airport. They took a dim view of a low level incursion into their air traffic zone and I think mentioned prosecution?

    Was this the object in the Sound of Mull?

  4. Alderley, the date of the BBC UFO sighting should be 7th Aug 2009. I’m sure you can look it up.

    There were two members of the Royal Family who took an active interest, as did Churchill, in UFO’s. One was murdered by the IRA.

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