06/JAN 2018
Time: 2230-23:00 hrs
Witness Name: Michelle
Witness Statement: By B&Q roundabout massive triangle object no sound really low! lights in 3 points were like an army stripe shape 2 of them at each point! Lights yellow but like a mist cloud effect over them! Sky was clear! Then disappeared but came back on itself above trees and split into 3 orbs zoomed in to eachother then went seperate ways hovered a bit then disappeared! I did video it but not sure caught it as lights dull on it and light pollution! Plus my screen is too small to check proper! 200% positive UFO was like size of Taurus going over me someone else must have seen it!

Updated: February 3, 2018 — 9:14 pm


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  1. You would think someone else saw it, wouldn’t you? Let’s see the pictures, however poor they may be?

  2. Hi – can you give any more details? Was there any sound? What do you mean ‘size of Taurus’? The constellation? How high was it?

  3. I had a sighting at the same spot on the 27th Feb around 22:00… Two big bright yellow orbs moving in different directions and hovering then suddenly disappearing from view. I was so shocked I didn’t even take my phone out and filmed it. I am sure someone else must have seen it..

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