2 White Erratic Lights-Acton,London-30th May 2017

Location of Sighting: Maldon Road, Acton,London
Date of Sighting: 30th May 2017
Time: 22:30
Witness Name: James
Witness Statement: I opened my window, it was quite warm. The cloud cover was very low and there were 2 white lights moving very fast in erratic directions. At first I thought they must be a torch or something similar but they continued to bounce in random directions for at least 25 minutes. They only stayed in the dense low cloud cover and didn’t move to clearer areas. I took some photos with my iPhone.


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Updated: June 1, 2017 — 9:16 am


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  1. Have you checked for any events? Looks much like a spotlight or laser show to me.

  2. I seen a ufo on the 30th may 2017 around 10 pm. might been a bit earlier as we were in shock. First we saw lights coming in from behind property and we went out into the car park. there was nothing there and then it switch on and appeared right above us in a low cloud. It was massive. as big as a football pitch. it looked like a saucer to us but it was tilted forward and we could see 2 sets of lights going all around the rim and also spot lights that made a cone shape light that spread out in the night. i was there with my husband and 2 house mates. We all seen it. it was beyond anything i could imagine. after it left us it was spotted and filmed in hanham. it was in the paper by tuesday.

  3. Definitely lasers, Steve.

    Michelle, in an era when every other person is married to their mobile, did none of you think to photograph this fantastic spectacle? Having looked at the mobile footage in the local rag, all I can see is a few random flashing white lights in the distance and a distinctly disinterested cameraman.You’re having us on.

  4. Hi. No Michelle wasn’t having you on. There were four of us there who saw the same thing. We were at home in the garden and I would have filmed it or taken a picture had my phone been charged. My friend went into the house to get his photo be but by the time had got it the spectacle had disappeared. Not everyone has a phone glued to them, believe it or not and obviously we weren’t prepared and it was the last thing that we were expecting to see. It isn’t coincidental that other people saw it at the same time in the same area. You are entitled to your view as are we. We wanted to share because it is fascinating. But it does not matter to us whether you believe what we say or not.

  5. One of the first things that we did was to check for events in the area and there was non on that could have provided a logical explanation to what we witnessed.

  6. Thing is, Victoria, I’m happy to believe you saw something that was unusual to you, except for a couple of points that make me suspicious. First, Michelle says she (and I’m assuming you) saw this amazing craft on the evening of the 31st, and it was in the paper by Tuesday. She says it was then filmed and spotted in Hanham. That’s great, but my problem is this: The Bristol Post first reported the sightings in Hanham and published pictures on its website ON the 31st May, which was a Wednesday, and also referred to the pictures and video having been taken ‘last week’. In another report, a man says he took film of it ‘on Sunday’, which couldn’t have been the 31st, either. So, the craft you refer to – that left your vicinity for Hanham – was seen on a Sunday, and either/or the week before, but not on the 31st, which is when the newspaper story was published. Also, Hanham is just a short distance from RAF Colerne, which is an active base.

  7. I must correct something; Michelle said the 30th, not the 31st. Which was the Tuesday.

  8. Lasers we have them in Blackpool exactly the same.

  9. Hi Steve,

    Having based your comments on Victoria’s post, you re-posted
    your error that the sighting did in fact occur on the 30th May 2017 at 10pm.

    I find it difficult to understand that you are willing to take the word of a random stranger who informed the Bristol Post that he filmed a UFO ‘on Sunday’, & that the pictures/video were taken ‘last week’ (according to the Bristol Post) yet dismiss out of hand Victoria & Michelle’s sighting. This random stranger may have observed a UFO, but not Michelle/Victoria’s UFO.

    You stated: ‘The craft you refer to – that left your vicinity for Hanham – was seen on a Sunday, and either/or the week before, but not on the 31st’.

    This is incorrect, Michelle never intimated the object was observed heading for Hanham, it can only be assumed it was the same object, the sighting took place on the Tuesday 30th May 2017 at 10pm “may have been earlier”.

    Michelle’s description is one heard many times before, ‘Massive’, ‘football pitch size’, ‘lights around rime’ ect, ect.

    Gary is his usual dismissive self. ‘you had phones, no pictures,
    batteries were dead’. “Definitely lasers, Steve, You’re having us on”

  10. Chris, Victoria and Michelle are random strangers, too. As for the original sighting, look at the pictures. These are light beams projected on the clouds.

  11. They are lasers, Chris. Take off your extraterrestrial glasses. It can sometimes help. Once again, you don’t give any explanation yourself. Not dismissive, just rational and stating the obvious ; for your information, I’ve seen this phenomenon myself. Turns out the lasers were from a nightclub ten miles away. You don’t look for an explanation because you want everything to be a mystery when it clearly isn’t.

  12. Chris

    “Michelle’s description is one heard many times before, ‘Massive’, ‘football pitch size’, ‘lights around rime’ ect, ect.’

    Yes, indeed. Yet, whenever one of these ‘football pitch sized’ objects visits us, surprisingly few people see it. How can you fail to spot an object the size of a football pitch? Furthermore, how can you possibly know it’s that size, with no reference points? Plus, how does the network of radar that covers the UK miss it? Are you seriously suggesting that football pitch sized aircraft frequent our airspace and are seen by just one or two people who report them to this site? Why is the press not on this with a frenzy? It doesn’t make sense. This would be all over the TV news, the papers, the internet, the lot, but it’s confined to here. Why? As I’ve said many times before, there are thousands – perhaps tens of, maybe more – of enthusiasts and professionals using powerful telescopes to scan the skies. How did every single one of them miss this? It would be the making of them, a revelation that they are hardly going to keep secret, a money-spinner of the highest order.

  13. Hi James
    My name is Glen Richardson I’m a UFO Investigative Researcher from Hartlepool, UK. I would really like to hear more and possibly investigate your sighting. Please email me on glen.richardson07@gmail.com or file the report on my website http://www.ufoir.com. Thanks


    Glen Richardson

  14. Hi there, we saw a ufo on the 30th and it was around 915 pm. we don’t care if you believe us. most people who see a ufo’s are just talking about a few lights in the sky. what we saw was amazing and real. it would have been seen in hanham as well as where we were because hanham is only about a mile away. just across the river. I know there will be people out there trying to down play our experience but we know what we saw and also are pretty sure it would have been picked up on radar. you guys keep looking for those little lights in the sky. when you see what we saw you’ll know where its at.

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