2 x Large Flashing Objects – Cardington Moor, Shropshire- 10th January 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Cardington Moor, Shropshire- 10th January 2019
Date Of Sighting :
10 January 2019
Witness Name:
Nicholas J
Witness Statement
I live in a remote part of south Shropshire 300m up overlooking Cardington Valley. Looking out from the bedroom window towards the WNW I sighted 2 x objects about 15m long and about 10 m high covered in red yellow and orange flashing lights and moving across the fields and above the hedge rows at about 20 /25 MPH. There are NO tracks or paths here on which these Objects were travelling The were heading towards an area know locally as the Planation. The nearest building is a Farm owned by Steve Penning from which the objects appeared to have come from They stopped and the lights were turned off As it was only just getting light once the lights went out I could no longer see them I drove round to Steve’s farm , He said he heard a very strange noise as he described as a ragging fire but did not go outside to investigate. He told me about an old shepherd who lived by himself near the Plantation 50 yrs ago who talked about visits from alien craft, I have no idea what these craft were, I watched them for about 2 mins but could not pursued my wife to get out of bed to witness what I was observing
Updated: May 26, 2019 — 11:36 am

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