3 White Lights In Triangle Formation, Northolt, West London, 30th June 2018

Location of Sighting: Northolt, West London
Date of Sighting: 30th June 2018
Time: 23:30
Witness Name: Nathan
Witness Statement: Clear night sky, looking up at stars. Noticed 3 white lights in triangle formation travel NE to SW closley followed by 2 other white lights slightly behind to the left of the 3, then 1 more slightly further behind those. All traveling in the same direction. Lights were white, star looking, same brightness as the iss flying over (like a medium brightness star). No trails or flashing, just solid light. Speed was very fast. From directly above till it disappeared from sight far in the distance was about 4/5 seconds. Too fast for human made aircraft. Northolt is near heathrow so there was aircraft in the sky to compare to and those aircraft were flashing as usual. There was no sound coming from the lights or anything else in the sky or area at the time.

Im a believer in ufos but it may likely be that they were satellites. I don’t think they could have been shooting stars as they seemed to be in formation and no trails as i assume a shooting star would have? I’m certain it wasn’t human made aircraft, civil or military (although it was armed forces day). Can anyone help? Are there any groups of satellites in space in this possible formation? Was it an extraterrestrial aircraft?

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  1. Definately not a shooting star.A shooting star is a meteor and only visible for a fraction of a second. Lots of people seem to be unsure about this. As for satellites, well I dont think they travel in formation so they become unidentified flying objects.

  2. “although it was armed forces day” three white lights in a triangle formation does suggest they were perhaps attached to an aircraft.

  3. Hi Steve,

    If Nathan had said there was just three lights in a triangular formation then maybe……just maybe, you could be right!.

    However, you choose to ignore that Nathan said the three lights were “followed by 2 other white lights slightly behind to the left of the 3, then 1 more slightly further behind those”, rendering your explanation that the lights were ‘perhaps’ attached to an aircraft, as ill thought out!.

  4. Alan – Thanks for info very helpful.

    Steve – Was not an aircraft due to the speed and no noise. No sonic boom or jet sounds, no flashing lights, no visual signs of a craft. Also, the 3 other singular lights dotted behind.

  5. Hi there. I saw a very similar thing last night (8/8/18). At around 22:15 whilst looking at Mars, I saw 3 bright lights (approx mag -1) moving in a triangle formation towards the South, near Mars. Ive a lot of experience in skywatching and am well aware of things like NOSS, which I have viewed dozens of times.

    I know NOSS trio satellites sometimes flare but ive never seen all 3 flare simultaneously. Also, as far as I am aware, the current NOSS satellites are twins, not trios, and the old ones are not controlled so the orbits have drifted.

    A check of the latest SAT elsets for any NOSS object did not predict a pass for the time and location.

    So this really is an unusual sighting, especially when reading your similar viewing. I should think it most likely we are seeing a new satellite trio not known to current SATOBS amateurs or listed on any eleset lists.

    Keep watching! I certainly will be.

  6. I should say my sighting was near Bradford, Yorks UK

  7. I have almost certainly now identified my sighting – a previoulsy unknown to me Chinese satellite trio very similar to NOSS called YAOGAN 16 (objects classified as A,B and C). As I thought, no NOSS trios now exist as such, so any formation of 3 satellites seen nowadays are very likely to be these chinese trios, of which there are 6, and they can be clearly visible with the naked eye.

    And they clearly flare, as I saw all 3 at around mag -1. So more spectacular than NOSS ever was. For those interested in looking out for these objects…

    Common Catalog International
    Name Number Designation Comments
    ———— ——- ————- ——–
    Yaogan 9A 36413 2010-009A Chinese NOSS-like satellite
    Yaogan 9B 36414 2010-009B Chinese NOSS-like satellite
    Yaogan 9C 36415 2010-009C Chinese NOSS-like satellite

    Yaogan 16A 39011 2012-066A Chinese NOSS-like satellite
    Yaogan 16B 39012 2012-066B Chinese NOSS-like satellite
    Yaogan 16C 39013 2012-066C Chinese NOSS-like satellite

    Yaogan 17A 39239 2013-046A Chinese NOSS-like satellite
    Yaogan 17B 39240 2013-046B Chinese NOSS-like satellite
    Yaogan 17C 39241 2013-046C Chinese NOSS-like satellite

    Yaogan 20A 40109 2014-047A Chinese NOSS-like satellite
    Yaogan 20B 40110 2014-047B Chinese NOSS-like satellite
    Yaogan 20C 40111 2014-047C Chinese NOSS-like satellite

    Yaogan 25A 40338 2014-080A Chinese NOSS-like satellite
    Yaogan 25B 40339 2014-080B Chinese NOSS-like satellite
    Yaogan 25C 40340 2014-080C Chinese NOSS-like satellite

    Yaogan 31A 43275 2018-034A Chinese NOSS-like satellite
    Yaogan 31B 43276 2018-034B Chinese NOSS-like satellite
    Yaogan 31C 43277 2018-034C Chinese NOSS-like satellite

  8. Simon Andrew Shavaddy

    I have been aware of UFO activity over Northholt aerodrome and onwards to the areas of Rickmansworth and Chorley Wood since 1976, it would seem that that area is highly visited, from 1976 on wards Ricky and Northholt have produces many sightings some confirmed and some unconfirmable by lesser witnesses, its a pity, but it clashes with the aerial display given by landing and taking off aircraft, but what a best place to fly in and out of…

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