50 Pence Shaped Craft, Dagenham, Essex, July 1979

Location of Sighting: Dagenham essex
Date of Sighting: July 1979
Time: 11.30 pm
Witness Name: John Peter Britton
Witness Statement: On that night I saw a strange craft above the roof of my flat it was shaped like a giant 50 pence piece and coloured lights rotated around the bottom of this craft I heard no noise from it at all I watched this craft for about 15 minutes I became very scared and went back in my flat when I came back out on my balcony it just zipped away in a flash I had seen other object in the sky in broad daylight for the past few week before darting around the jet airliners that passed by my flat during the day!

Updated: September 22, 2018 — 4:58 pm

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