7 Blue Lights – Christow, Exeter Devon-18th August 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Christow Exeter Devon
Date Of Sighting :
17 th August morning of 18th !
1.00 – 2.00 am
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
I often gaze at the night sky.
On this night , I saw what I first thought to be a huge close and very fast and bright shooting star .
But it wasn’t
It suddenly aligned itself and stopped . Whereupon I realised there were 6 other blue lights.
So all in all 7
In a sort of row . Not a straight line but slightly curved …..
I stood amazed and tried to get my phone onto camera and record . Unfortunately in that time of faffing around when I looked back I couldn’t see them
It was a cloudy night with not much wind
I continued to stare at the spot and out of the darkness a bright bright beam of light appeared , as though streaming from behind a closed door . It wasn’t the moon … as the moon was in the southeastern sky also peeping behind clouds
This was in the North Eastern sky
More East than north
The bright light seemed to “ open “ then suddenly disappeared
Continuing to stare .. the sky in that area flowed brightly / orangey colour
Then everything returned to as it was before
I have spoken to someone who also saw this well they saw the blue lights .. not the next part ….. .. east of exeter .. same part of the sky
They however , did manage to capture some images .
Exactly as I saw them
They were taken on a phone , so quality is poor ….as mine would have been if I d managed to get any !!
Also , there was no sound whatsoever .
These were NOT searchlights / moonlight / weather balloons / lanterns / police/ nor lasers from Beautiful Days ( I messaged them to confirm )
These were silent
They moved in a way which defies our concept of physical movement :, fast , stopping , disappearing
Swerving , darting
Shooting .
Hovering .
I have to say , exactly as in Close Encounters Of the third kind
But this was of the first kind !!!
The whole event for me lasted about 30 minutes ( although it seemed more like 10 mins at the time ) but I looked at the time when I came in and it was much later than when I went out !!


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  1. Excellent. Well done and well observed. One I saw in 2009 was very much like in film close encounters, but it was real, I know what I saw. Will never forget the date, exact time, etc. it stays with you forever.

  2. Can you forward the friends pictures?

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