A Cloud Like Someone Was Using A Dimmer Switch – Ellesmere Port – 2nd February 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Ellesmere port
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
I was stood on the steps at the front of my flat and saw a cloud like someone was using a dimmer switch. I took some pics of it then used a high contrast filter which means it’s shows the brightest thing in picture and dulls the rest of the image. You can see where the saucer has cut through the clouds and is stopping in the last cloud. I have had numerous experiences over the last year and have many other pics and videos. Including a handprint that appeared on a window after a night of very strange happenings. The handprint shows on 4 fingers and is upside down at the top of a window which is almost impossible to do. It’s smaller than my hand and has no thumb.
Updated: May 29, 2019 — 11:14 am

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