A Cloud Like Someone Was Using A Dimmer Switch – Ellesmere Port – 2nd February 2019

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Ellesmere port
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I was stood on the steps at the front of my flat and saw a cloud like someone was using a dimmer switch. I took some pics of it then used a high contrast filter which means it’s shows the brightest thing in picture and dulls the rest of the image. You can see where the saucer has cut through the clouds and is stopping in the last cloud. I have had numerous experiences over the last year and have many other pics and videos. Including a handprint that appeared on a window after a night of very strange happenings. The handprint shows on 4 fingers and is upside down at the top of a window which is almost impossible to do. It’s smaller than my hand and has no thumb.
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  1. Hi
    Mate. I saw a similar cloud like object in August 2018. It behaved like it was under the influence of a cloaking device.
    Do you have the pictures to hand?

  2. I witnessed something like this right at the end of November 2010. I thought it was a sea bird reflecting the flood lit football pitch lights a mile away in the town center. But it changed shape from what looked like a large bird moving its wings to become an indescribable irregular folding shape like a large semilucent opaque plastic bag blowing high up in the wind. But it was moving sideways on to the wind and almost against the wind at one point. It only lasted about five to ten seconds in view and it started to become harder to see and went behind a small white cumulus cloud moving rather fast on the wind in another direction and it never emerged from the other side.
    The time was about 8pm in the evening, the air was clear, crisp and cold and strong from the north. Just a few small cumulus clouds were running south in the wind at the time. The object moved slowly from the south east to the north west above South Woodham Ferrers in Essex. It was whitish, opaque and changing shape type of object. Very wierd, never seen anything like it before or since. I only noticed it because I was looking up as I was tightening on my roof rack on my 4 x 4.

  3. Would like to see your pictures please

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