A14 Tuddenham Exit, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk-25th October 2012

Location of Sighting: A14 Southbound near the Tuddenham Exit (Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk)
Date of Sighting: 25th October 2012
Time: 2150
Witness Name: Phillip & Tiffany Trujillo

Witness Statement: A hovering circle of rotating lights with a large bright center light was first seen by my Wife over our car on the motorway. It followed us about 1/2 mile then quickly disappeared (momentarily). It reappeared about 10 seconds later as we pulled up to a stop sign. The object hovered for a few seconds moved slightly then disappeared (at an unbelievable rate) into the sky again.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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Updated: October 28, 2012 — 8:22 pm


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  1. The Peek-A-Boo sightings will end very soon, and we will have an all out Arrival.

  2. The description doesn’t seem to match any known man-made craft, and most certainly couldn’t have been a Chinese Lantern, weather balloon, helicopter, military jet, or swap gas. Therefore, I can only conclude that it was a craft of unknown origin, which leaves only two possibilities; E.T. or inter-dimensional visitors, unless of course someone has a more convincing explanation?

  3. T Wood… Great summary as always but you’ve forgotten (again) a couple of other options in your conclusion. e.g. (i) It’s a wind-up, or (ii) A sighting of something that could be explainable with a few more details. In this case my money is on (i).

    Phil… Please don’t take this the wrong way but I see by your Twitter account you are USAF based at Mildenhall. I’m intrigued why you didn’t mention it as it would have added much weight to your sighting, (n.b. You’re the only person in the UK with your name… so wanting anonymity couldn’t be the reason for not mentioning it). I hope you understand my cynicism. To help allay my skepticism with your sighting (based on your failure to mention your USAF credentials and the fact your Tweets on ‘keep fit’ related matters far outweigh the one joke Tweet re:UFOs you posted on the 25th… So are you able to post any further details? What have your USAF colleagues suggested it was? Is this going to be another Rendlesham Forest?

  4. Mildenhall and Lakenheath USAF bases in very close proximity to this sighting. Did you report it to them?

    That list is getting longer, T. ;). No offence. Swamp gas in Suffolk? :confused:

  5. Warren, yes it could be a ‘wind-up’, but assuming the report is faithful then I fail to see what other missing details could possibly explain such a sighting. We don’t have details of the size/diameter of the circle, or an estimated height, but what else, other than a craft from elsewhere, could possibly fly/hover/accelerate and consist of “a circle of rotating lights with a large bright center light”? What further details do you require to make you decide it wasn’t a plane or helicopter?

    Gary, perhaps I should have said will-o’-the-wisp rather than the oft-maligned “swamp gas” 🙂

  6. Good spot, Warren. There would have been F15s crawling all over the place if this was for real. I’m sure Phil knows that 😉

  7. T Wood… Why assume it’s faithful? Why did Phil not state he works for the USAF? If requiring secrecy then why give his name? (Assuming it’s not one of his mates having a laugh at his expense). Have you looked a Phil’s tweets for that day and thereafter? They don’t suggest he saw a real object, or at least one of more interest than the next bit of keepy-fitty at the gym! You have used Ocham’s Razor before… it’s simply all I’m doing.

  8. Hi Gary and Warren, the USAF, after the Rendlesham Forest incident, usually ask the RAF to deal with alien encounters. We handle them better, though we don’t let the Air Training Corp have any brown ale to greet them with! Its against the law because of their respective ages.

    Phil if this is a serious sighting, have you reported this to your CO or Intelligence Officer yet? Yes or no will do!

  9. Thanks for that, Nicholai. I’ll go for Tornadoes from Marham then 🙂 I think you already know the answer to the question you have put to Phil, by the way 😉

  10. I don’t see why the report shouldn’t be genuine, after all I do know that UFOs exist, and they are not all ours! I have seen things myself that I am certain cannot be of this earth.

  11. warren i am inclined to agree with the *facepalm* comment in respect of certain comments made on this site. I dont mention names but i bet the names in my head are the same as yours ….this site is here to get possible explanations from other UFO enthusiasts but, and a big BUT certain people already know the truth and we can never persuade them any different.I strongly believe in life in another galaxy i would be ignorant not too but are they here?? I had a sighting in 1991 of a huge triangular object in Nottinghamshire and to this date i still wonder what i saw. Unlike alot of sighting the object i saw was witnessed by hundreds of people and very well documented also the sighting was resaerched by a top UFO researcher for 11 years that i know of maybe hes still researching it i dont know. My sighting was around the time of the Belgium triangle sightings.. But one thing i dont use when i talk about my sighting is the words ( alien or space craft ) because until i have an exlanation to what it was it will always be the huge black triangle. But believe me i do share your frustration regarding certain comment left by some people.

  12. Paul F T Wood, thanks for your feedback. Have you ever see a large helicopter hovering near the ground at night with nav and anti collision strobes on? Guess what it looks like? In fact there is footage of a helicopter someone try to pass off as a UFO in American do this some years ago – its probably still on the web now.

    Reporting, my question has not been answered. Because of terrorist problems we now have, unusual incidents have to be reported in case they are related to terrorist or are related to crime.

    Peek-a-boo sightings, please spare the doom and gloom. Sightings have been going back for thousands of years before balloons and winged flight. Before WW1 a RFC pilot took a shot at one – you can find this fact on the web on the uner pilot reports. Foo fighters and orbs were reported by many WW2 pilots both friendly and axis. So Peek-A-Boo, if they don’t come I take it the magenetic poles will shift by mid Dec 2012?

  13. nicholai

    my comment had nothing to do a helicopter so i dont understand the relevence to what i commented. i do have alot of time for you and you comments as they make alot of sense along with Gary, Warren and Peter , you all do your homework when researching a sighting and not just jump to the first conclusion.And i know your have agreed with me alot in the past. The sighting i was refering to in my comment i did report on this site the link to it is :


    The first comment i recieved was from Stephen who gave me a link to a report made by BBC Nottingham in 2002 .This report was what i was waiting for for 11 years but still no answers its so frustrating. nicholai i would appreciate you opinion on my sighting from 1991 in Nottinghamshire and an opinion on the BBC report written by Tony James of EMUFORA, the BBC web page has some good links on it too . all the best nicholai and keep posting your interesting and informative comments…

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