A16 Kirton Boston – 3rd March 2014

Location of Sighting: A16 Kirton (Boston)
Date of Sighting: 03.03.2014
Time: 18.20 ~18.30
Witness Name: Mariusz lorry driver

Witness Statement: I was on my way to Skegness, when I noticed strange lights in the evening sky. There were two apperances of those lights in 6 – 8 mins apart. Lights in formation of a straight line very close together, like this, ? ? ? ?. Lights appeard on the sky from nowhere, shine very bright, yellowish-orange, for a 2 to 3 seconds and dissapear. I was around 5 miles from Boston A16 south. Lights appeard roughly 40? to the left from A16. About 7 mins later I saw next apperance of the same lights. But this time directly above Boston. Lit for 2 to 3 seconds and dissapear. Same formation ? ? ? ?. Very bright orange-yellow. Next i drove into Boston and could not observe the sky due to traffic. I mentioned Kirton as my point of observation, and Boston , BEcause it looks like those light flew over Boston from my point of view. Sorry for my language but im not a UK native. All the best


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Updated: March 4, 2014 — 9:02 pm


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  1. I used to live in the area, and saw quite a few lights over the years connected to military activity. Could these have been flares? What’s rather surprising is that they appeared over Boston – usually flares can be seen over the practice bombing range that borders the Wash.

  2. Could they be Chinese Lanterns? The colour would suggest this.

  3. The colour may suggest chinese lanterns, but nothing else does.

  4. Orange / yellow lights could be cooling jet pipes as an engine is spooled down. Four in a row would suggest a four engine jet.

    Stephen has also made a very good point above.

  5. Hi Mariusz,

    Thank you for reporting your sighting, your English is very good!.

    Hi Nemo,

    Mariusz states that these lights ‘appeared on the sky from nowhere, shine very bright, yellowish-orange, for a 2 to 3 seconds and disappear’ and displayed themselves in the shape of
    question marks, & also ‘shone very bright’.

    Chinese lanterns, as you know, are illuminated by a small candle, they are unable to ‘fly’ unless the candle is light, therefore they cannot, as Mariusz states, ‘appear from nowhere’, yet alone ‘shine very bright’.

    Given that ‘Lanterns’ are at the mercy of the wind, & Mariusz observed them ‘about 7 minutes later’ still maintaining the same pattern in the sky, would to me, eliminate the ‘Lantern’ theory.

  6. Chris you make me laugh here….”displayed themselves in the shape of question marks”

    I don’t think that’s what he’s saying; he’s using the question marks to show they were in a line, as he actually says.

    I think lanterns, probably flickering or in the throes of dying, are the best explanation.

  7. Yes, they also go behind clouds Chris. Something we are not short of in the UK! Of course they could have been a lights on an aircraft making circuits of an airfield.

    But of course you will not pick up on such an ordinary and down to earth explanation.

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