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A404 North of Maidenhead Berkshire-25th October 2014

Location of Sighting: A404 North of Maidenhead Berkshire
Date of Sighting: 25/10/2014
Witness Name: Rob Barber

Witness Statement:I was driving north on the A404 north of Maidenhead when I witnessed two dull lights like searchlights moving across the sky. It was cloudy and it looked like the lights were above the cloud cover. They followed me moving ahead and across me sometimes meeting in the middle. This lasted for a couple of miles until I got to the Marlow roundabout when they disappeared.


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Updated: November 2, 2014 — 8:33 pm


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  1. “like searchlights”? Might they have been searchlights then?

  2. My husband and I saw two bright orbs in the sky over Pinkney’s Green towards Marlow way in November of 2012. Size, estimated at the time, of two mid- sized aeroplanes. Stationary initially, then rotating vertically, soundless, back to initiall parallel hanging – in clear blue sky! – then one moved slowly and perfectly horizontally to the right and back again: i turned round in astonishment to my husband, and when I looked back, both lights/orbs had disappeared. Have subsequently read of similar sightings in Windsor, Harman’s Water and Slough.

  3. Is Maidenhead close to Heathrow? If it is there is your answer.

  4. One other point. Marlow is near High Wycombe is it not. I would not want to be a UFO having a joy ride near there.

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