A55 near to Flint, Wales-27th January 2012

Location of Sighting: A55 near to Flint, Wales
Date of Sighting: 27th January 2012
Time: Midnight
Witness Name: Audra Jukes

Witness Statement: We were travelling back from Llandudno to Chester on the A55 in a car with 4 people when the driver spotted a weird green light in the sky. We all looked out of the windows of the car and saw the lights. They were light bars of light and very all green. To me they looked a little bit like lasers lighting up the sky but they were to random for that. I’ve tried to see if there were any meteror showers last night but there doesn’t seem to have been. It was quite cloudy but the lights were that bright they lit up to clouds. Would love to know if anyone else saw anything.

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  1. The aurora has been visible further south than usual, could that be it?

  2. Witness Statement: I Was in the garden last night having a cigret about 10 o’clock while i realized a gushing sound coming out the sky. Then i looked up in the sky and there was a circle of bright lights which wasn’t a plane,there was a loud noise just coming out the sky and it was an unusual and suddenly just dissapeared. 27th January 2012

  3. Probably the Aurora borealis. High level of sun spot activity at this time. been seen in Yorkshire at the start of the week.

  4. Can you see the Northern lights from North Wales?

  5. Hi Audra, as others have said this does sound like Northern
    Lights as they can be seen in your area and even further
    south on occasion. I had a quick look to see whether an
    Aurora had been seen else where on the 27th and could not find any. The last sighting was 24th and the associated storm would have dissipated by the time of your event.
    So although it’s not completely out of the question it may
    not be the explanation. The aurora if visible in UK always
    appear in Northern part of the sky. Is the date of your
    sighting correct?

  6. Hi Everyone, and thanks for the comments. My first thought was the Aurora, but I checked all the websites and I didn’t think it had come down as far as Wales. The date is correct, we were just coming back from a concert in Llandudno. It kind of looked like a lot of lasers but I also checked for these too. It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever see, and I’m going back to travel the road again to see it it re-appears!

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