Abergele-27th April 2012

Location of Sighting: Abergele
Date of Sighting: 27,4,2012
Time: 820 pm
Witness Name: Terry

Witness Statement: 10 mins ago I was having a sigg in the bak garden and notised a few seaguls flying by,and with the sun seting they had a gold reflection.then sudenly flying low I seen four small things,circular shape flyin prety fast across all in straight lines.again the sun waz reflecting on them so I could only see the brightness of the sun reflecting.I paused an thought Chinese lanrerns..but there’s no wind..and they couldent go that fast.no sound. I got my phone out and tried to video them as they went out of sight,but they don’t realy show up on the phone.interesting to see.as they where so quiet..and flying perfectly in sync together.


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Updated: April 28, 2012 — 9:20 pm


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  1. I stay at borth a lot the raf practice a lot of low level flying and dog fights out at see but I have also witnessed unusual light activity I have pictures and videos that I have posted on YouTube but they have been taken off don’t know why ?

  2. Text speak doesn’t really help your account mate…..

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