Aberlour, Moray, Scotland-19th March 2013

Location of Sighting: Aberlour, Moray, Scotland
Date of Sighting: March 19th 2012
Time: 1630
Witness Name: Anonymous

Witness Statement: I was lying on my bed. I was on my laptop and I looked out the window as the sun was beginning to set and it was going to be a nice evening.

I looked out my window in a southerly directing and I could see black triangle thing off in a distance. It was small due to the distance and was hovering.

It wasn’t a helicopter due to the next part.

I watching it for about 10 seconds before it shot up into the sky at a high speed.


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Updated: March 19, 2013 — 10:07 pm


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  1. Nigel, my Black Triangle Bandwagon remark wasn’t aimed at you specifically. Damn right! I wish I could have seen it too!

    Perhaps Leuchars are coy because it came from there or they know where? Machrihanish? I note that Campbeltown doesn’t have full access to the MOD site. Nuclear silos or something else more fascinating?

  2. Gary

    macrihanish is – apparently – no longer in commission. However, I would dearly love to know what went on (or goes on) there as it is an interesting place.

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