Aberlour, Scotland-10th March 2013

Location of Sighting: Aberlour, Scotland
Date of Sighting: March 10th 2013
Time: Between 1900 and 1915
Witness Name: Thomas

Witness Statement: I was bored and looking out the window watching cars drive by my house and I was watching the snow lay on the pavement outside.

I could then see a light slowly moving across the sky. It was low flying and couldn’t of been a satalite or weather baloon as it was to low and there was cloud cover due to the snow. The light was so low it cast a bit of its yellow light onto the hill on the other side of the river.

The UFO was flying at a slow speed and I watched it for fifteen minutes before it disappeared.

It was a complete sphere shape and had the diametre of probably seven to ten metres.


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Updated: March 20, 2013 — 8:43 pm


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  1. Sounds like the dimensions of a hot air balloon. The yellow light could have been the reflection from the burner.

  2. A hot air balloon, after dark and in snow?…

  3. Hi Thomas, this is an interesting sighting. Which direction were you looking in? Or South towards the Cairngorms? With the rising ground to the South I doubt it was a balloon (Sorry Gary) at that time of “night” where you live.

    How far away was it and how did you know it was around 7 – 10 metres across?

    If it was to the North, you will be aware of Lossie and Milltown. If so, you might be seeing the exhaust of a turbine(S)of a helicopter. However, I’m doubtful this would cast a glow on the ground.

    Incidentally, Nice part of the world you live in.

    Additionally, if my memory serves me correctly, I think someone saw a similar object above Feshiebridge some years ago and in the Cape Wrath area. again at very low level.

  4. Sorry, haven’t studied the geography of the area.Just a judgment based on the description. Given the length of the sighting and its nature, I find it highly unlikely that it was anything sinister. A real UFO in the truest sense of the word 🙂

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