Location of Sighting: Adderbury-Croughton
Date of Sighting: unknown. 1991?
Time: 10PM
Witness Name: Ivor Burgess

Witness Statement:This occurred after 1990 when i had to stop work at the age of 56 years and a probable three years after,not working i had no other sole apart from my wife to talk to about this unfortunately she did not wish to discuss it.

I am or was a civil servant,my working life has taken me to airfields all over N.A.T.O\’s domain and the british field of influence, primarily as an emgineer commissioning and supervising the installation of plant and equipment from the operational control of airfield lighting to security of the government anf operational plant in northernm ireland.

as a young man i did my national service in the royal navy- fleet air arm working on aircraft, doing main checks 5 and 6 IE \”take it to bitys and put it back\” , so from 22 years of age uintil retirement i have looked at, worked on, flown and operated for in a constant operatoionla life this nations air defence, so i contend that it is a natural part ofd my makeup to look at the sky,day or night, whenever i am out of doors,under its canopy.

On the evening in question at 8pm i put on the television to watch a programme on itv,framed in the pivcture was john suchay (link Man) talking to us with an expression on his face that said \”I dont believe it!\”

He told us that all primetime proggrammes had been cancelled for the next three days and we would be viewing a programme from th usa about an asteroid hitting the earth a trailer came on with subsequent portrayal of damage and loss of life. i/we did not wish to see this and so turned it off.

At this time we had a little dog \”Dusti\” , she had developed over the years an undderstandingf that when the itv news at ten signature tuine came on, it was bedtime, but first we had to go for a walk.

so three days after itvs change of programme i switched our television from bbc1 to itv at 9:50PM for the news at ten signature tune that would cause dusti to burst into life bouncing around the room for her last walk of the day at 10 o\’clock. dusti at that time was in the middle of her life fit,clever,understanding and my friend and companion. at the first notes of the signature tune,she was awake,bounded to the front door and outside bang on ten.

We stepped out of the front door into the night, our home is the last house onm the south side of a letter T turning area, on a small estate of housing built between 1937 and 1963 contructed in the form of a capital letter F, ST Marys road being the outside leg and top structure. we have a field running north to south beside the house and another field at the bottom of the gardesns, south of the estate. street lighting is approximate 100 metres apart mounted on wooden electrical distributoon poles, amber lighting giving a low level of brilliancy with a high visual aspect. looking up ath the sky i found it to be tottally black, no starss,no moon, a com-plete blnket of high cloud. however, asi looked, i noticed single points of lifght one overhead at my location, the other, six i think, extending across the night sky in equial division, terminating at my hiorizon at what o believe to be at R.A.F croughton.

I remember thinking \”the lads\” are busy tonight, still linking myself to upper hayford then being aware that thge aircraft! had no navigation or lighting, just the one point of light, also, no sound! odd, it had to be helicopyters? as each light was perfectly still, but no sound! Helicopters make a lot of noise and its hard for them to fly high, atmospheric pressure is a lot lower and the rotor cannot maintain the lift, plus they did not move each,at a point equidistant and no sound.

I had taken about ten ste[ps from my doorway and stood in the middle of the road,gazing at the night sky,suddenly over RAF croughton,just north of its airspace,m an object came through the cloud cover, it took time to pass through, moving quite fast,going north. It was big,larger than the total of a high flying jet aircraft plus its vapour trail or the total mass of an airfield put into the sjy 5 miles away.

It was illuminated, in amber light, similar to street lighting as seen today, SOX or SON, no shadow, the light was self generated in all directionbs or the way a comic book illustrator could have drawn it,but again no sound!

I remember thinking that this is what all the stuff on tv had been about and this thing was going to impact at brackely or towcescter if it did the blast would be consistent with a \”Hydrogen Bomb\” so i accepted that this was the end of my life,i could not get home to hold my wife,best just to stand and look at events as they took place, fear had goone as fast as it came

Then it stopped! in effect it must, from its perspective,have stopped prigressing in any plane up,down,forwards,backwards,it simply stopped. In all this part of the display, for suddenly this is what it seemed to become,a further feature had become apparent,it looked like a constructed object. if you could pluck it from the sky as an object,you could hold in your hands, then it would have been made from lengths of 4×4 timber, 4-5 feet long,totally black, one as the cdentral core with others fixed to each surface so that the others formed a ninety degree angle from plane to plane,the concept seemed extended over more secytions, maintaining the contact with one surface and an open right angle with the other each surface was illuminted from itself giving a glowing light to every surface and angle as if contact with the atmosphere caused it to illuminate.

Having stopped, the earths royation,west to east, took control of events, the object started to move west along an east west axis, getting closer to me passing to the north of the stationary lights as they to moved withing the eartyhs field of reverence as it got closer to an \”aircraft\” a strong light must have been switchred on, could have been more than one, i could not determine the lights path but i could suddenly distinguis the end of the object, a kind of grey surface could be seen and eacj of the sections did not quite fit, one to another,as if it had been constructed in space. the lenght of one was not the same as the other, the surface in a way looked like a cliff face with indeterminate protrusions unlike the main structure that under its amber lighting had looked as smooth as glass.

As time passed, little by little, the more i ooked at the \”aircraft\” holding this stationary point , each and every one maintaining its stance not moving out of line as though part of the duty expected of them was to hold this reverence line,having clearly been briefed that this was going to take place. How could they be aware of the events i was looking at? it just seemed to be a recognised procedure.

Still closing towards it,the object suddenly came to life agian, it seemed to \”nod\” in the direction it had been travelling I.E northwards, and then with one leap,the way the cat family move,it was through the cloud and gone,but again no noise.

I stood in wonderment gazing at the sky and the point it had left, the white lights of the \”aircraft\” remained in place as pinpoints of light across the sky, the only indication that any unusual event had occured. i looked around, my little dog Dusti had progressed towards the bend in the road about 150 yards away and i walked to her and around the corner,thinking of what i had seen,a little later she had gonre as far as she wished to go,i looked up at the sky seeking the lights of the aircraft only to find them gone,again,no sound.


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  1. A very interesting report Ivor.

  2. Hi Ivor,
    Your’s is a very well described sighting. I do not know much about Croughton except, when I drove by it many years ago, (on the way from Cornwall to visit my sister in Norfolk!)there was a very large intel. gathering satellite dish – I estimate it to have been around 25m diameter. I have no idea exactly what you saw – in my books it would have to be a U.F.O. of some sort (or even an inter-dimensional craft of some kind) as the aircraft of that time would have not have borne any single resemblance to what you witnessed.
    With your extensive military experience, you would have been very well aware of that fact!
    Also, in those days, there would have not been any Chinese Lanterns to ‘muddy the waters’!
    I’m sorry, but exactly what you saw, I have no idea!
    Anyone else got any thoughts re this?? -Paul

  3. Fantastic! Are you sure it wasn’t a dream? Did ITV really cancel stuff for three days? I can’t recall it. Excellent story.

  4. Sounds like a case for Nick Pope.

  5. Ivor,


    SteveT does have point about ITV, can you clarify?

  6. Sounds a bit like this report was hastily written. The typos give it away. Ivor, are you a habitual drinker? Did this really happen? I’m sure that you saw something but was it in your mind?

    Some of the questions that I would ask should I interview you about your experience.

    No offence meant.

  7. “Sounds like a case for Nick Pope.”

    The good Mr Pope would dismiss it in an instant as the details don’t add up. Not only have ITV never cancelled programmes for three days, but I can’t find a record of an Ivor Burgess in the Fleet Air Arm or Royal Navy.

  8. There’s a surprise Steve T. All this info from 1990 with carefully placed info to make it look real, even the wrong spelling and bad typing. My bets a total fabrication.

  9. Hi all,

    SteveT, – Good for you for checking out the names for the F.A.A. & R.N. – I also noted the typo errors and I was indeed wondering ‘why’ would a so called ‘sighting observer’ take such time and trouble to type out this very long ‘report’
    If this is real or not, I have no idea, but I wonder if the actual ‘name’ of this person may be a fabrication to preserve his identity?? OR it may be a complete lie!! -Paul

  10. reality,

    It’s reports such as this one that baffle me; it’s hardly difficult to deduce that never in its history has ITV suspended programmes for three days – not only would I have remembered it, but it would be a major news story and easy to find on Google. It’s also easy to check service records, although these are not infallible so my deduction may be wrong on that point. A little research, taking no more than a few minutes, is all that’s needed. Furthermore, my suspicions are always raised when the grammar is as poor as in this instance; of course, not everyone writes in impeccable English, but I would expect a man in his 70’s (as Ivor must be by now) to write in a more capable manner than the above. This is simply a nonsense account, in many ways.

  11. Hooray. A real Reality check. Complete stuff and nonsense.Ivor Tendency-To-Tell-Porkies would be more appropriate I believe.

  12. Well Ivor, anything to say about the comments above? My wife would have been first to complain if prime time TV was cancelled for three days.

    Incidentally, the road that joined that passes this RAF base is always very busy even in 1991 before its upgrade to duel carriageway, and no one else saw this?

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