Alerton, West Yorkshire-8 June 2013

Location of Sighting: Alerton West Yorkshire
Date of Sighting: 8 June 2013
Time: 11:30 am
Witness Name: Lee Jackson

Witness Statement: Looked like a passenger jet only it had no wings and looked almost transparent or like a hologram, a plane with wings was flying higher but behind it so it was not an illusion, a military hellicopter was seen by me and my boss later that day, a chinook.


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Updated: June 14, 2013 — 8:22 pm


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  1. Hi Lee,
    there have been many UFO sightings in the Bradford area over the years, things for which there is no normal explanation. I think the whole area is a hotspot for such paranormal activity. I’ve seen things myself. The Chinook is also interesting, you don’t usually see those flying over Bradford. Could you give an estimate of how high the UFO was?

  2. Often what looks like a passenger jet without wings turns out to be… a passenger jet. There’s an explanation of this here:

  3. Hi Lee,

    Please can you explain how you were able to judge respective altitudes? I’ll enter into a 50/50 deal with you, ‘no questions asked’, if you can repeat this impossible feat! We’d make a killing circumventing expensive radar!! Did you rely on Tarot?… or perhaps ‘Pendulums’? 😀

  4. T,

    Bradford is but a short as-the-crow-flies from BAE Warton, which likely explains many of the inexplicable sightings in the area. As for the Chinook, perhaps en-route to RAF Cosford for its display the next day? Where from is anyone’s guess.

  5. Hi Chinooks fly in and out of RAF Leeming on a regular basis. You also have RAF Menwith Hill close to Harrogate, operated I think by NSA?

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